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No. 9 - Medium Blend

Solution No. 9 is our most popular blend, that will work on any skin type giving you a perfect and noticeable natural brown tan.

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No. 12 - Dark Blend

Looking to for that deep dark natural tan? No. 12 Dark Blend is the one you want for those seeking to stand out of the crowd with their natural dark spray tan that won't turn you orange... EVER.

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No. 6 - Light Blend

Solution No. 6 is our lightest blend meant for skin type 1 (red hair, blue eyes, fair skin). The color will give you a beautiful, sun-kissed natural tan that only pulls natural brown tones.

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You won’t need to order from multiple sources to keep your sunless company open 365 days a year. We have customized additive products, pre-tan, post-tan, and the main solution line to support all skin types.

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