• Being Unfiltered with Spray Tanning Brands

    Today we are going to be unfiltered with spray tanning product rules and break down what you need to consider when choosing which sunless products and brands to stock in your salon. There are many important guidelines you will want to consider when not only selecting a good performing spray tan brand, but also one that won’t hold you legally liable if there are any issues down the road.


    What should be on the spray tanning product label? 

    The first part of this blog to go over the fact that many consumers and businesses do no realize that some products they carry are simply breaking the law with proper display of important FDA and other government regulations when it comes to labeling.   Here is what needs to be on the product label to be “legally sound” while being displayed in your stores:

    • Place of manufacture (Should show  manufacturer and/or location the product was made)
    • Ingredients List – This is a big one, many sunless products leave off or only list partial ingredients. This is a big NO NO, and is required by law for all cosmetic products to properly display the ingredient list of the product. Customers have a right to know what is being sprayed, and/or applied to their skin. This is important not just for spray tan solution, but also retail products like tan extender, body wash, and so forth. If your spray tanning brands you carry do not display ingredient lists, run for the hills as you could be liable yourself if your customer decides to investigate your business for selling products that are not properly displaying ingredients.
    • Well written instructions –  This one is not required by the FDA, however will give you less liability if your client cannot dispute how to properly use and apply the product they purchased from you.


    What ingredients should you worry the most about when spray tanning?

    Do you ever worry about what you and your customers are breathing in every time you are spraying tanning? Well, you should. Spray tanning is 100% safe as long as you are using brands that care about your well being. Here at SJOLIE, for example we refuse to use some “industry” standard ingredients simply because they are not tested and/or not FDA approved.

    The following ingredients should be on everyone’s naughty list, for your own safety and your clients:

    • Erythrulose is the most dangerous ingredient and is not FDA Approved for topical use on humans.

    Erythrulose is used in many sunless tanning blends to increase tan duration and counter the ghastly orange tinge that earlier formulas produced. Health Wyze mentions an Australian public health report from 2008 that found erythrulose genotoxic, meaning it alters your genetic cellular structure. Erythrulose is used in some major brands that are, if not that most recognizable brands in the industry (Besides Sjolie that is, again,we refuse to use harmful ingredients).

    • Parabens (Preservatives) is the second most dangerous ingredient in sunless tanners.

    Parabens, a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics, have been shown to mimic the action of the hormone estrogen. Studies have shown parabens to be linked to Breast Cancer, Estrogenic Action, infertility in Males, pre-mature skin ageing, and environmental toxins. Other manufacturers will use parabens in the sunless industry to extend the life of their tanning products. We are 100% proud to the fact that our solution will last only 6 to 8 months on the shelf only because we do not use preservatives, aka parabens in our solution or product line.

    • Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 40 (CI 16035), Blue 1 (CI 42090) coloring agents.

    These toxins and chemicals increase your risk of skin sensitivity and irritation, and are known for blocking pores and increasing the risk of acne breakouts. If they’re included in products you leave on your skin, such as moisturizers and masks, they may be absorbed into your body where they can cause additional damage.



    Is it safe to spray tan?

    God yes, Spray tanning is a very safe and reputable service to be offering your client base without concern to you or your customers. With that being said, like with any industry, there are some products that might render you “not” safe. Just make sure not to offer any products that have Erythrulose or Parabens in their ingredient list. You will want to be unfiltered and blunt when talking to your suppliers, make sure they are properly displaying the facts required by law.


    Should I be worried about liability with spray tanning a pregnant woman?

    First off, you should never make that choice for the customer or hide anything from your customer that would alter their decision just so you can make a quick dollar. We tell every customer that asks “Can I spray tan a pregnant customer?” that they need to tell the customer to consult with their doctor prior to receiving a spray tan, and to get a written approval from the doctor. With that being said, we have not had one single report over the years that any doctor has declined a spray tan while using/showing the SJOLIE ingredient list for our spray tanning solution.


    What should I do if my favorite brands do not list ingredients on their cosmetic labels?

    We know the sunless industry as a whole, carries 2 to 3 different spray tanning brands on average (for those offering spray tanning services).  If one of your “favorites” isn’t properly displaying their ingredients on their retail or solution bottles, simply ask for a printable sheet to have on hand immediate in case one of your walk in customer decides to ask for it.  You do NOT want to be stuck unable to provide an ingredient list to your client base, as that could create legal issues for you.

    If your favorite brand refuses or does not acknowledge your request, we recommend jumping ship asap. This could mean multiple different things, but most likely is the fact that they use ingredients that are frowned upon (aka parabens and erythrulose) and are embarrassed to admit it. We see many competitors state publicly “This is proprietary information that we cannot divulge”…….  FALSE,  it is against the law not to state your ingredient list on a cosmetic product line.  Do not believe that line for one second.


    Remember – Spray tanning is safe, amazing, and profitable when done right….

    Never forget that as long as you choose your sunless brands carefully, you are safe, your customers are safe, and you are in an booming beauty industry set to profitable for many years to come. My take away for you, is do your research, demand proper labeling to protect your business from any liability. SJOLIE will always post, and proudly display all ingredients we choose, as we have nothing to hide with our amazing all natural ingredients. Looking to increase your sales? I recommend checking out our blog on how to market your spray tanning business.

    Find out a little more about our company and what we stand for by visiting our about us page.

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  • Product Highlight: Ultra One – Rapid Tan

    With its quick dry formula, and the ability to choose your own developing time, it’s no wonder this exclusive concoction has been deemed the “famous one hour tan”. Designed with the busy- or perhaps procrastinating- client in mind, Sjolie’s Ultra One is the perfect option for the person who needs to rinse off their tan in 4 hours or less.

    Depending on your clients desired color and their skin type, shower times will vary. For a breakdown of how this works, click here.  We do not recommend leaving this product on for more than 4 hours due to its rapid developing abilities. Do not spray heavily around dry areas such as wrists, heels, knees and elbows, as this can give you a less than perfect result.

    It is important to understand that this product still takes 8 hours to fully develop, even though it can be rinsed off before. Make sure your client knows this, and understands that feeling like they do not have a lot of color post rinse, is normal. Remind them that color will continue to develop even though the top bronzer has been washed away. Typically, clients will pay more for the luxury of an Ultra One tan. The price of service ranges anywhere from $40-$60. We recommend pricing this tan $5-$10 higher then your regular tanning services.

    We know you and your clients will absolutely love the Ultra One! If you haven’t tried it, shop samples here Happy Tanning!

  • Sunscreen and Spray Tans

    Sunless solution does not contain any Sun Protection Factor (SPF). It therefore can never be considered sufficient protection against UVA/B radiation (sunrays).

    Remember: it is always important to protect your skin during any sort of exposure to UVA/B rays; sunscreen is always a must! Applying a lotion-type sunscreen that is non-greasy will not only protect your skin when basking in the sun, but also provide critical hydration to the epidermal layer of your skin.

    If you are going to be in the water, or prefer applying your SPF with an aerosol application, try a breathable sunscreen that won’t clog pores and is fast absorbing. Be sure your client knows that their spray tan will not provide any sun protection, and to avoid rubbing the skin when rinsing at the end of the day.  Remember to try to stay out of pools or highly chlorinated waters as it will slowly remove your new amazing spray tan.

    Hawaiian Tropic and Coola are two of the sunscreen brands that I like and use, especially when I have a spray tan.

    Happy (safe) tanning!

  • Perfectly Prepped

    Perfectly Prepped:

    6 steps that will help your client achieve the best spray tan possible.

    For your client:

    • Hydrate: Tan prep starts days before your spray tan session. Start hydrating your skin from the inside out, at least 1 week before your appointment. We suggest 8-10 glasses of water per day.
    • Moisturize: This step should also start a few days leading up to your sunless tan. Pick a rich, ultra hydrating balm and slather away! Opt for morning and night, and really focus on super dry areas of the body.
    • Wax: If your client is planning on getting waxed, it is best to do so 24-48 hours prior to their appointment. This gives their skin time to calm down and for any sticky residue to be 100% gone.
    • Shave/Exfoliate: Ideally, shaving and exfoliating should be done no more than 4 hours prior to getting a spray tan. This allows the skin to return to its normal pH level before they come to you. It is important your client exfoliates using a non-oil based exfoliant that will not leave behind any residue.


    For the technician:

    • pH Balancer: Even the client who is usually prepared can have days where they skip an important step in their prep. Using a pH balancer  prior to spray tanning your client will not only give you confidence that there is no residue on their skin. This will also help their tan last almost 30% longer! There are many factors that go into leaving residue on the skin, (think band aids, deodorant, hair conditioner on their back) so we say be safe, and be sure to apply a pH balancer.
    • Barrier Cream: Applying a barrier cream will ensure even application around dry areas such as hands, feet, knees and elbows. Leave a thin white layer on the areas you apply; do not rub in completely as it will not block DHA if the barrier cream is not visible.
  • Private Labeling your own sunless brand

    Thinking about starting your own sunless tanning line?   You’ve come to the right place, as SJOLIE, Inc. is one of the largest private labeling company in the USA.  We pride ourselves on the premium products that are consistent every time you order.  Here are a couple of reasons to start your own sunless brand today:


    Private labeling is a great way to keep your company name and brand in front of your clients 24/7.   You’ll notice higher client retention each month as they will remember who to call when they are looking for salon and spa treatment.


    Your client base will not be able to price check your product line as you have 100% control of your pricing.  Never be undercut by your local competition ever again. Create a luxury look that will give you a higher return on your investment.


    Create a look and brand that will match your style.  Never clash with your color schemes in your place of business.  You can choose any color, any design… because in the end, it is your own product line.

    Want to get started?  head over to our private label website to learn more about the process, and steps needed to launching your private label sunless company.


    F.A.Q. about private labeling:


     Question:  What is the minimum order needed to start my private label product line?
     Answer:We have multiple tiers of “private labeling” of our sunless products.  But to help get a feel for what your minimum order needs to look like, see examples below:

    • If you use pre-made products inside the same bottles already offered by SJOLIE without changing the formula of the product,  your minimum order is minimal…  starting at 10 bottles per order placed.   This goes for our entire product line.
    • If you wish to use custom bottling, or change the formula (which is 100% possible),  your minimum quantity increases to 500 per retail item,  or 55 Gallons per sunless solution.

    We can better explain the minimum orders over the phone, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any question you may have – 1-888-495-6064


    Question: Can you copy any brand on the market?
    Answer:Yes, we are able to mimic the quality and features of any sunless brand on the market.  We are required to add and change ingredients to guarantee it is “unique” to avoid any legal issues that might arise,  however we can copy any brand with the use of our in-house scientist and the methods called “Reverse Engineering”.   Not many private label companies are able to offer this type of service as it is costly,  however we are advanced with our techniques….keeping your research and development fees to a minimum.  On average,  to reverse engineer another product, you’ll incur a small fee between $750 to $1500 per product.


    Question: Will you design my labels?
    Answer:  We will be able to help you in a minimal capacity with your design and layout.  This is not directly offered, however if you have simple requests, we will try our hardest to accommodate you.   Most private label customers of ours will hire a designer to do this as they will be able to provide a much more dynamic design than what we will be able to do.

    Your labels will be ordered and shipped directly to our warehouse for storing and application on the bottles as you order.   We also offer screen printing directly on the bottles, however this is a 5,000 bottle minimum to achieve this type of look.


    Want to get started with private labeling? Call 1-888-495-6064 ext. 119  or visit our private label website.

  • Bronze Fusion vs. Instant Airbrush

    While both products give instant, amazing color, their application process is different. Product knowledge is essential! Having a full understanding of how each product works, and knowing how to apply correctly, will help you educate your client and in turn sell the product best suits their needs.

    Bronze Fusion Gel-

    This product is for the client that wants flawless color, with a super easy application process. It is an easy product for you as the technician to sell, due to the fact that it is unlike any other on the market. Micro spheres full of fresh, organic DHA will burst as they rub it into their skin, giving instant color, so they can be sure they are applying the product evenly. With its lightweight, gel consistency, it is super hydrating for the skin, and absorbs quickly. This will give your client the ability to get dressed just minutes after application. While the color is instant, it will also continue to develop as the gel contains 8% DHA. Bronze Fusion Gel can be used over a spray tan to deepen existing color, or by itself for a full body bronze. Once applied, we recommend waiting 4-6 hours before taking a shower.


    With hands, simply apply to desired areas in an even, circular motion. Wipe inside of hands when finished.

    Instant Airbrush Self Tanner-

    This product is for the client that has more experience with self tanning, and can really take their time to ensure even application. Because of its unique aerosol applicator, your client can achieve the airbrushed look that they love, in between spray tanning appointments with you. We recommend using this product in the shower or an open space, as there can be overspray in the air during the application process. Clients can achieve an instant glow, as well as color that will continue to develop, as our Instant Airbrush contains 8% DHA.  Once applied, we recommend waiting about 5 minutes before getting dressed, and 4-6 hours before taking a shower. 


    Hold the applicator 5-6 inches away from your skin and evenly mist your desired area or full body. Use sparingly on knees, elbows, and feet and hands. Wipe inside of hands when finished.

  • When should I book my spray tan?

    This is a common question asked by clients, and there is no “right” answer. It really depends on the occasion, and the type of color they are looking for. For a deeper color, the day before a clients event is perfect. For a more subtle glow, advise that your client come to you 2-3 days before the date of their occasion. When time permits, a trial tan can be very beneficial, and your client will to know what to expect as far as color outcome. Should they chose to do a trial, be sure it is at least 2 weeks before the other appointment they have scheduled, to allow time for proper fading between tans. Be sure to keep track of the color used during their trial, so that you can adjust as needed come their next appointment. Your client will be happy knowing how the color will look on their skin for their upcoming trip or event.

  • t5020 applicator t100 minimist deluxe Cleaning your Spray Tan Gun

    The life of your spray tanning gun really depends on you! Make sure to clean your gun regularly to avoid build up and uneven spraying. How often you clean your gun depends on how often you are using it, however it is always recommended to run warm water through your gun at the end of each day. Running warm water through your gun is as easy as it sounds- simply fill your gun with about 4oz of warm water, add Sjolie gun cleaning solution if needed, and spray! It is best to spray a white/light towel or paper towel so you can see what is coming out. Spray until you no longer see any color coming out on your towel. This will help to ensure there is no solution left inside the gun, which is very important!

    A more thorough cleaning can be done either weekly or monthly, depending on how often you are using your equipment. For a higher volume business, we recommend taking apart your gun every 1-2 weeks and thoroughly cleaning each part. You can soak the parts of your gun that are removed in the cleaning process, however it is very important to note that you should not soak the entire gun, or run water through openings that are only meant for air. Doing so can cause your gun to rust, and/or spray unevenly. For a step by step cleaning process, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE4GwKdJmvI. You can always call Sjolie for any additional questions you may have. Good luck and happy tanning!

  • When is the best time to shower?

    Preparation is key when it comes to getting the perfect spray tan. Staying hydrated, moisturizing regularly, and taking care of your skin all play a part in how your skin will receive color, and how long it will last. The last step in spray tan prep is taking a shower and exfoliating, and timing is everything! Your client should avoid showering right before their spray tan. After a warm bath or shower, pores are larger than usual and skin is not at its normal pH level. Spraying skin right after a shower can fill pores with tanning solution, and skin may not absorb the DHA as well as it would at its usual pH level. We suggest having your client shower 4 or more hours before their scheduled spray tan. We understand that because of lack of planning or due to crazy schedules, it is very possible that your client will come to their appointment straight out of the shower.  If your client informs you they have just showered, don’t worry! Just be sure to use Sjolie pH Balancer, to avoid less than perfect results.