• Understanding Fuji Applicators

    By now, you’ve probably noticed Sjolie sunless proudly offers Fuji Tanning Systems(woohoo), but with the numerous machine options, choosing the right one for you could be a bit tricky! Fuji Tanning systems is one of the first machine manufactures to introduce non-bleed applicators to sunless technicians. So, what is a Bleed vs. Non-Bleed applicator?


    Bleed style applicator:

    Bleed style applicators are the most common type of applicator offered by sunless equipment manufactures, and the original style of spray tanning applicator. A bleed style applicator is a gun that has continuous air flow, even when the trigger is released.

    Non-Bleed style applicator:

    A non-bleed style applicator has slowly grown in popularity within the sunless industry. A non-bleed style applicator allows the technician to use just air, or air and solution. When a technician releases the trigger, solution will first stop spraying and then the air.


    Which applicator is better? Applicator choice will be based purely on technician preference. Many technicians will choose a Bleed style applicator for the ease of drying as you move from each section of the body during a spray session. A non-bleed style applicator would be great for those experienced technicians who do not focus on drying throughout their spray patterns.

  • Welcome Fuji Spray Systems!

    Select Fuji Spray systems are now available on the Sjolie Starter Kit and Machine pages of the website! We hope you love these spray systems as much as we do!


    Fuji SprayTAN is a Canadian based manufacture, developing several brands of spray tanning turbines and applicators over the years. Since 1986 Fuji Spray® has designed and built high quality HVLP systems. The newest series to the Fuji Spray® group was introduced in 2014 along with the branding of fujisprayTAN™. With Fuji’s years of experience and broad knowledge spectrum, you are investing in high quality products and exceptional customer service.


    Sjolie has chosen the top Fuji machines to offer our clientele. Sjolie now offers the Fuji miniTAN and Fuji salonTAN. These turbines cater both to beginner and advanced technicians, whether your business is mobile or in a salon/spa environment. Plus, choose from two different style applicators (bleed style or non-bleed) with either turbine model.


    Fuji Spray has redesigned their previous machines to feature a unique method of removing any heat build up from the Turbine case. Excess heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation Box™ located at the rear of the case. Because the hot air is dissipated evenly through an optimum surface area with 60 holes, there is no added hiss or loud whistling noise. There is also no blowing around of dust, plus the benefits of a cooler running unit results in a longer life for your turbine motor compared to standard turbines.

  • 3 reasons why you’ll love SJOLIE Sunless

    Sjolie (Show-Lee) Sunless, a California based company established in 2009 has become one of the top manufactures of all-natural sunless solutions. We are proud to be certified PETA while excluding Parabens, Erythrulose, and Gluten from all our professional solutions and retail items.

    Top 3 reasons why you’ll love Sjolie Sunless

    Luxury Product

    You and your clients will fall in love with our carefully formulated line of solutions and retail product. Enjoy our blends of natural extracts and vitamins to keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing.

    Superb customer service

    We’ve got you. Our team of licensed and trained professionals are here to help. We want to make sure you are 100% happy, so contact us any time with your questions, concerns or feedback.

    Unique Pricing and Services

    Our goal is to provide you with the materials and resources needed to build YOUR business. Sjolie proudly offers numerous services such as Salon and Technician training, Private Labeling, Distribution opportunities, Free Sjolie Marketing and more. And don’t forget about our competitive pricing. Already a professional? Apply for our Sjolie Rewards Pro-Pricing program for even more special offers and discounts.

  • IMPROVED Bronze Fusion Gel

    Have you noticed a difference in your Bronze Fusion Gel lately? New and improved, the Bronze Fusion Gel has a thicker constancy for a better application. Don’t worry, Bronze Fusion still has the same great ingredients you know and love, we’ve simply changed its creation process for a fluffier, easy to use feel.

    *no ingredient changes have been implemented.   

    Haven’t had the chance to fall in love with the new texture? Grab one for yourself today! Click HERE to shop.

  • Building your business in the slow season

    When the weather changes so do our sunless business’! But not to worry, there are plenty of ways to advance your business even in the slower months.

    Outdated? Let’s up-date! Busier months we focus less on the little things like business cards, Facebook business pages and even our website. Use this time to make some updates! Refresh your logos and pictures, maybe change your verbiage you’ve grown to dislike!

    Take the time to create a follow up or reminder message, or re-vamp the ones you currently have! Whether its via email or text, use some new lingo and aim to send your message to all of your clients around they’re next scheduled visit. They’re bound to appreciate the added effort of making their service the best!

    Remember those dust bunnies you swept under your shelves last month? Time to clean! Your turbine, gun, fan, tent, room, it could all use some TCL. Plus, keeping your equipment in tip-top shape will improve the longevity of your equipment! And while your cleaning your spray room, don’t be afraid to rearrange or add some new decor while you’re at it!

    Create new marketing slogans and promotions! What about a monthly/weekly special? Thursday Happy hour-half off spray tans!  Or hey, Labor Day is this weekend, last minute tanning specials $5.00 off! Even consider packages as a promotion to run, buy three tans get the 4th free; this is a great way to lock in a client which benefits the both of you!

    Slow months are filled with ways to benefit and grow your business. Need more inspiration? Give us a call! We’re happy to help you find ideas to best spark your business!

    Happy Tanning!

  • FREE Shipping

    Ordering just got better.

    Now enjoy flat rate shipping fees PLUS receive free shipping on all domestic orders of $99.00 or more.

    And to show our appreciation for those military members and their families, all ground orders shipping to a Military base will have a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00 USD. Regardless of order size and delivery location. Sjolie recommends calling or emailing these order requests to receive the appropriate shipping charge while we work to add this feature to our website. When placing orders, be sure to include the unit and box numbers, for APO/FPO/DPO shipping addresses. (Free shipping will apply to orders of $99 or more).


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  • Why does spray tanning turn you orange?

    Why does spray tanning turn you orange?

    The dreaded “orange” effect has stuck with the sunless tanning industry since its conception. As technology and products become more advanced, this issue began to decrease, however everyone remembers this unwanted color.

    So why does spray tanning turn you orange? Typically, you will find this is caused because of user error. As a technician, there are some key aspects that must be taken into consideration to ensure an orange free tan.

    Using the right solution: You, as the technician, must fully understand the different skin tones and which solution works well with each. Everyone’s skin tone is different so a solution that works well on one person may not work well on another.

    It is recommended to choose a solution close to the client’s natural skin tone. A more natural looking tan will help to avoid a heavy contrast between spray tan and natural tone. Spraying a client with too dark of a solution can cause an orange hint to the skin because the contrast is so extreme. Other effects of a dark solution could include patchiness, alligator skin and uneven fading. Besides, it’s better to have the client be too light than too dark!

    Staying educated: Keep up to date with your sunless brand. You can’t be a great technician without the proper education. Be sure you are following your formula’s application instructions and application tips.

    Most companies will only recommend 1-2 coats of solution per client. Why do they do this? Over applying is a thing! It is extremely common for a technician to apply one coat of solution to the body and another AND another thinking the one coat was not enough color. Big no no. Initial application color is ONLY BRONZER and plays no part in how the color will develop. Too much solution can be detrimental to a spray tan, and can lead to the terrible orange.

    Proper application: Application will also play a key role in avoiding an orange looking spray tan. More specifically in those problem areas such as knees, elbows, hands, feet, ankles and so on.

    Technicians should avoid heavy application on drier areas that are prone to product buildup. It’s recommended to feather off in areas like ankles and wrists. As extra precaution, it is always essential to apply the proper prep product to your client such as pH balancing spray and barrier cream. Barrier cream should be applied to all dry areas so DHA penetration on the skin is minimal. pH balancing spray should be applied to the entire body to ensure a cleansed surface for solution application.

    Using reputable product: Make sure your clients are using reputable at home products. Many at home tanning products can be purchased at any drug store. Many of these self-tanners have an unknown amount of DHA which can lead to over development. Provide your clients with alternatives that will be more beneficial and rather than detrimental. It’s also a good idea to emphasizes the importance of proper usage to your self-tanner clients, all the tips above go for self-applied tanning products as well!


    Bold. Beautiful. Sunless

  • Can I shave with a spray tan?

    Can I shave with a spray tan?

    With our days heating up and more skin showing, it is important to remember how shaving can affect our skin and our spray tans.

    Mechanical Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells using any form of tool (razors, sponges, scrubs, brushes etc.). When shaving with a razor not only do we remove the exposed hair, we are also removing that fine layer of dead skin which our sunless color is applied to. In turn you are not just removing hair you are removing your tan!

    Explaining the importance of how shaving can affect our sunless tan is essential when educating your sunless clients. Limiting the amount of shaving after the sunless solution is applied should always be encouraged. It is in the clients best interest to shave(or any kind of hair removal) at least 24 hours in advance to receiving a sunless tan. Hair removal too close to the sunless appointment could cause product buildup in open pores which will give the look of “dotted skin” and possibly patchiness.

    As technicians and sunless tanners ourselves, we understand shaving is occasionally inevitable, here are some shaving tips to share with your clients when shaving with a sunless tan is a must:

    • Shave using a new or sharpened blade.
    • Wait 24-48 hours after your sunless session before shaving.
    • Do not apply heavy pressure when shaving.
    • Avoid harsh shaving products, using a conditioner when shaving is recommended.

    Check out our other blogs for more sunless tips!

  • How to start a spray tanning business

    How to start a spray tanning business

    So, what does starting a sunless business entail? How much do I have to spend? Is it worth it?

    Consider the following when learning How to start a spray tanning business:

    Why start a spray tan business?

    Sunless is a booming industry with remarkable profit and reward! Control your work hours and income. Plus, with skin cancer on the rise, sunless is providing a healthy and natural alternative giving clients the color and confidence they deserve!

    What equipment will I need?

    To provide a great service, you will need the appropriate materials to do so. More specifically your equipment. Don’t go for cheap and easy when investing in your sunless business. You get what you pay for, so do your research! What is the best spray tanning machine  blog will outline our top picks for the best machines on the market. The necessities will be: Machine and applicator, filtration system, tent, and solution of choice. Pricing for these items can vary, most companies will offer starter kits that will include everything needed to begin your business, pricing can range between $400-$1,500.  View some of the SJOLIE Sunless starter kits offered!

    What training do I need?

    As a new business owner, it is important to do what you can to set yourself apart from others in the industry. Holding a nationally recognized certification will not only help your ability to market yourself and your services, it will also give you the tools and education necessary to help your clients achieve a flawless, healthy tan. Two types of sunless training are offered, online or on-site. Both are a great way to increase your knowledge of the industry, so choose what works best for you and your schedule. We suggest checking out www.nstpa.com for a high level introductory program that will advance your knowledge of how to start a spray tanning business with online spray tan certification.

    What licensing do I need?

    Licensing will differ between states. We recommend checking out your state/city website to see what exactly is required. On average, it is recommended to have the following: business license, resellers permit (if selling take home product), liability insurance, proof of training/certification. Once again, check with your state to confirm which licensing requirements must be met!



    How do I get my business of the ground?

    Market. Market. Market. Advertise your business. Spray friends and family, these people will be your walking bill boards! Start a website, even a Facebook page so your potential clients can find you easily. And don’t forget your business cards and handout materials. For a more in-depth explanation of how to market your business view our How to best market your sunless business! Also check out the How to Price your sunless services blog for a breakdown on the best ways to prices your services.

    Is it worth it?

    The sunless tanning industry is one of the few startup businesses where you are able to make a complete return on your investment with products and equipment in a reasonable amount of time. In most cases, companies can profit from offering sunless spray tanning within the first month of service.

    Learning how to start a spray tanning business is easy, when given the right information! Check out any of the SJOLIE Sunless Blogs for more knowledge and information that can better help you start your sunless adventure. Need assistance or have additional questions? Give us a call! 1-888-495-6064

  • Can you mix spray tan solutions?

    Can you mix spray tan solutions?

    Can you mix spray tan solutions? YES! At least with Sjolie Sunless solutions you can!

    Why mix spray tan solutions?

    Here at Sjolie, we want to make customizing a sunless session for your client simple. All solutions blend’s we offer can be mixed together to create your client’s own solution formula! You want to mix an alcohol blend with an aloe blend? Go for it! The one solution we don’t recommend mixing is the Ultra One Rapid Tan, because why would you need to!

    When can you mix spray tan solutions?

    Mixing solutions is ideal when the goal is to change the DHA percentage by more than 1% DHA. Mixing is more cost effective for you as a spray tan technician when boosting by 1% DHA just isn’t enough. (If you are only needing to boost your solution by 1% DHA, try using the DHA booster drops!)

    How can you mix spray tan solutions?

    Below you will see mixology by numbers. Use this guide as a rule of thumb when mixing Sjolie Solutions. Keep in mind, these formulas are based on 3oz of solution per spray. If you only use 2 oz. per spray, decrease by .5 on each component of the formula!


    TO ACHIEVE                                     MIX


    7%                                          2oz of 6% + 1oz of 9%


    8%                                          1oz of 6% + 2oz of 9%


    9%                                         1.5oz of 6% + 1.5oz of 12%


    10%                                        1oz of 12% + 2oz of 9%


    11%                                        1oz of 6% + 2oz of 12%


    12%                                        1oz of 6% + 2oz of 14%


    13%                                        2oz of 12% + 1oz of 14%