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Bronze Fusion vs. Instant Airbrush

While both products give instant, amazing color, their application process is different. Product knowledge is essential! Having a full understanding of how each product works, and knowing how to apply correctly, will help you educate your client and in turn sell the product best suits their needs.

Bronze Fusion Gel-

This product is for the client that wants flawless color, with a super easy application process. It is an easy product for you as the technician to sell, due to the fact that it is unlike any other on the market. Micro spheres full of fresh, organic DHA will burst as they rub it into their skin, giving instant color, so they can be sure they are applying the product evenly. With its lightweight, gel consistency, it is super hydrating for the skin, and absorbs quickly. This will give your client the ability to get dressed just minutes after application. While the color is instant, it will also continue to develop as the gel contains 8% DHA. Bronze Fusion Gel can be used over a spray tan to deepen existing color, or by itself for a full body bronze. Once applied, we recommend waiting 4-6 hours before taking a shower.


With hands, simply apply to desired areas in an even, circular motion. Wipe inside of hands when finished.

Instant Airbrush Self Tanner-

This product is for the client that has more experience with self tanning, and can really take their time to ensure even application. Because of its unique aerosol applicator, your client can achieve the airbrushed look that they love, in between spray tanning appointments with you. We recommend using this product in the shower or an open space, as there can be overspray in the air during the application process. Clients can achieve an instant glow, as well as color that will continue to develop, as our Instant Airbrush contains 8% DHA.  Once applied, we recommend waiting about 5 minutes before getting dressed, and 4-6 hours before taking a shower. 


Hold the applicator 5-6 inches away from your skin and evenly mist your desired area or full body. Use sparingly on knees, elbows, and feet and hands. Wipe inside of hands when finished.

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