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Tan Extend Lotion (ECO)

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A hydrating daily moisturizer which gives added life and vibrancy to any tan. Suited for all skin types, this Tan Extend lotion contains a hint of tanning ingredients (DHA) that will help build and keep your just off the beach tan.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)
  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients
  • Paraben-free and Erythrulose free
  • Designed as a facial and full body self-tanning moisturizer
  • Pineapple scent
  • MSRP: $30.00
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Product Description


  • Caffeine Extract – dehydrates fat cells making skin appear more smooth and firm
  • Kukui Nut Oil – contains essential fatty acids that help the body retain water and cleanse the skin. Helps to reduce appearance of cellulite
  • Niacinamide – skin restoring ingredient that offers multiple anti-aging benefits such as improving appearance of large pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and dullness

Water, Aloe Vera, Gel Behenyl Trimonium Methosulfate, Dimethicone, Glycerine, Cyclomethicone Sodium PCA,Polysorbate 60, Cetearyl Alcohol, Kukui Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cucumber Extract Rooibus Tea Extract, Green Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Dinhydroxyacetone, Collagen, Glycosamine, Hydrocreatine, Copper Gluconate, PyridoxinHCL, Niacinamide, Tocopheral Acetate, Sunflower Extract, Grape Extract, Feenel Seed Extract, White Birch, Red Algae, Adenosine Triphosphate, Proflavin HCL, Superoxide Dismutase, Caffeine Extract, Yeast Extract, Dextran, Actyl Hexapeptide, Ectoin, Phenoxyethanol Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Glycerine


On cleansed skin, apply an even layer of Tan Extend to any desired area or full body. We recommend washing hands immediately after application to avoid DHA development in unwanted areas. Wait 8-10 minutes before dressing to ensure product has absorbed into the skin.


17 reviews for Tan Extend Lotion (ECO)

  1. Jennifer

    Retail that sells itself. Have these on hand especially if you have floor space. I sell for $29/piece, but have $10 off specials to get it down towards $20 most of the time. I usually triple my investment which is always a win win.

  2. Brittney Leen

    Smells amazing!! I have been using this post spray tan and it really prolonged my tan.

  3. Andrea

    I really like this lotion. It’s not dark it just gives a nice glow to the tan you already have.

  4. Kristen

    Make sure you wash hand very well after! this works great though

  5. daija (verified owner)

    Smells great!

  6. SammyPge

    This lotion goes on thick so a little goes a long way, smells great and the scent is light and not too strong.

  7. Sandra M.

    I love this lotion. I can’t believe how soft it makes your skin. I wish I could buy it by the gallon!!!

  8. Nancy L.

    Amazing and smells great. This will make your tan stay dark and not orange!!!!

  9. Helen G.

    This lotion is beyond amazing! It has a sweet soft fruity kind of scent. It’s not too strong which I love. It’s thick and creamy and applies so nicely. This is a staple for any tan extender! A must have!

  10. Betty W.

    My tan lasts so much darker with it.

  11. Karen W.

    Love it. My favorite lotion out of the many I have tried.

  12. Carol P.

    This extender leaves my skin feeling soft all day while giving it an extra boost of bronze coloring. It also smells really good!

  13. Donna D.

    It is a nice addition to any after shower routine. I don’t use all the time but it works well and feel great on the skin. The price is WAY lower than most others in the market.

  14. ashleyadrian82

    Great quality and exactly as the description stated! Received the item FAST!

  15. Cherise Miller (verified owner)

    Love the Tan Extender for myself and my clients! Its such a great add-on for our business and smells amazing! It has a strong scent so make sure that is okay with your clients, but so far we haven’t had any issues and have been using it for awhile. The packaging is super cute too – an easy sell! Skin stays tan and hydrated.

  16. Tiffiney Hannah

    Absolutely love the tan extender , its a must use product every other day after showering. Thank you Sjolie for the fabulous products.

  17. Stephanie Flores Stephanie Flores (verified owner)

    What’s the difference between the Tan extender and Skin perfecting lotion?

  18. Ashley Sjolie

    The tan extender has less DHA and is formulated for spray tan maintenance while the Skin Perfecting lotion has a higher percentage of DHA and is formulated as more of a self-tanner.

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