Being Unfiltered with Spray Tanning Brands

Today we are going to be unfiltered with spray tanning product rules and break down what you need to consider when choosing which sunless products and brands to stock in your salon. There are many important guidelines you will want to consider when not only selecting a good performing spray tan brand, but also one that won’t hold you legally liable if there are any issues down the road.


What should be on the spray tanning product label? 

The first part of this blog to go over the fact that many consumers and businesses do no realize that some products they carry are simply breaking the law with proper display of important FDA and other government regulations when it comes to labeling.   Here is what needs to be on the product label to be “legally sound” while being displayed in your stores:

  • Place of manufacture (Should show  manufacturer and/or location the product was made)
  • Ingredients List – This is a big one, many sunless products leave off or only list partial ingredients. This is a big NO NO, and is required by law for all cosmetic products to properly display the ingredient list of the product. Customers have a right to know what is being sprayed, and/or applied to their skin. This is important not just for spray tan solution, but also retail products like tan extender, body wash, and so forth. If your spray tanning brands you carry do not display ingredient lists, run for the hills as you could be liable yourself if your customer decides to investigate your business for selling products that are not properly displaying ingredients.
  • Well written instructions –  This one is not required by the FDA, however will give you less liability if your client cannot dispute how to properly use and apply the product they purchased from you.


What ingredients should you worry the most about when spray tanning?

Do you ever worry about what you and your customers are breathing in every time you are spraying tanning? Well, you should. Spray tanning is 100% safe as long as you are using brands that care about your well being. Here at SJOLIE, for example we refuse to use some “industry” standard ingredients simply because they are not tested and/or not FDA approved.

The following ingredients should be on everyone’s naughty list, for your own safety and your clients:

  • Erythrulose is the most dangerous ingredient and is not FDA Approved for topical use on humans.

Erythrulose is used in many sunless tanning blends to increase tan duration and counter the ghastly orange tinge that earlier formulas produced. Health Wyze mentions an Australian public health report from 2008 that found erythrulose genotoxic, meaning it alters your genetic cellular structure. Erythrulose is used in some major brands that are, if not that most recognizable brands in the industry (Besides Sjolie that is, again,we refuse to use harmful ingredients).

  • Parabens (Preservatives) is the second most dangerous ingredient in sunless tanners.

Parabens, a group of chemicals widely used as preservatives in cosmetics, have been shown to mimic the action of the hormone estrogen. Studies have shown parabens to be linked to Breast Cancer, Estrogenic Action, infertility in Males, pre-mature skin ageing, and environmental toxins. Other manufacturers will use parabens in the sunless industry to extend the life of their tanning products. We are 100% proud to the fact that our solution will last only 6 to 8 months on the shelf only because we do not use preservatives, aka parabens in our solution or product line.

  • Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Red 40 (CI 16035), Blue 1 (CI 42090) coloring agents.

These toxins and chemicals increase your risk of skin sensitivity and irritation, and are known for blocking pores and increasing the risk of acne breakouts. If they’re included in products you leave on your skin, such as moisturizers and masks, they may be absorbed into your body where they can cause additional damage.



Is it safe to spray tan?

God yes, Spray tanning is a very safe and reputable service to be offering your client base without concern to you or your customers. With that being said, like with any industry, there are some products that might render you “not” safe. Just make sure not to offer any products that have Erythrulose or Parabens in their ingredient list. You will want to be unfiltered and blunt when talking to your suppliers, make sure they are properly displaying the facts required by law.


Should I be worried about liability with spray tanning a pregnant woman?

First off, you should never make that choice for the customer or hide anything from your customer that would alter their decision just so you can make a quick dollar. We tell every customer that asks “Can I spray tan a pregnant customer?” that they need to tell the customer to consult with their doctor prior to receiving a spray tan, and to get a written approval from the doctor. With that being said, we have not had one single report over the years that any doctor has declined a spray tan while using/showing the SJOLIE ingredient list for our spray tanning solution.


What should I do if my favorite brands do not list ingredients on their cosmetic labels?

We know the sunless industry as a whole, carries 2 to 3 different spray tanning brands on average (for those offering spray tanning services).  If one of your “favorites” isn’t properly displaying their ingredients on their retail or solution bottles, simply ask for a printable sheet to have on hand immediate in case one of your walk in customer decides to ask for it.  You do NOT want to be stuck unable to provide an ingredient list to your client base, as that could create legal issues for you.

If your favorite brand refuses or does not acknowledge your request, we recommend jumping ship asap. This could mean multiple different things, but most likely is the fact that they use ingredients that are frowned upon (aka parabens and erythrulose) and are embarrassed to admit it. We see many competitors state publicly “This is proprietary information that we cannot divulge”…….  FALSE,  it is against the law not to state your ingredient list on a cosmetic product line.  Do not believe that line for one second.


Remember – Spray tanning is safe, amazing, and profitable when done right….

Never forget that as long as you choose your sunless brands carefully, you are safe, your customers are safe, and you are in an booming beauty industry set to profitable for many years to come. My take away for you, is do your research, demand proper labeling to protect your business from any liability. SJOLIE will always post, and proudly display all ingredients we choose, as we have nothing to hide with our amazing all natural ingredients. Looking to increase your sales? I recommend checking out our blog on how to market your spray tanning business.

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