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Best Spray Tanning Products for New Sjolie Technicians

Welcome to the Sjolie family! We are here to provide you with the tools and information needed to start a successful spray tanning business. As a new customer, it can be overwhelming seeing all the products we offer but don’t worry we are here to guide you as needed! Below are the Best Spray Tanning Products for a New Technician


It will be crucial you perfect the spray tanning technique most effective for you and your business. It’s best to begin practicing with a training solution. Sjolie’s Education Blend is a formula containing purely cosmetic bronzer without any DHA, so your practice models can rinse all color off without being concerned about the outcome! Perfect for any beginner just getting into the sunless industry.


It’s important to understand that you will be spraying a wide range of skin types which is why we carry three different formulations. For beginners, you will want to start with the most versatile solutions; Sjolie recommends the Original Aloe Vera Formulas. OurAloe Vera blend leaves the skin hydrated and healthy while providing a gorgeous golden glow, ideal for any skin type. Solutions No.6, No.9, or No.12 are an excellent starting point until you feel comfortable enough to explore our Rapid formulas and the LUXE &ICON Reserve Line. The Aloe Vera Solution No. 9 is surely our most popular formulation for all technicians throughout the entire year.


A perfect tan doesn’t happen without proper prep! Sjolie has two pre-tan products we recommend you use to prep your client before the initial spray tan. These products are MUST HAVES for any level technician.  The pH Balancer acts as an astringent by bringing the pH of the skin to ideals levels forDHA absorption, providing the base for a perfect tan. Apply this product over the body in a light mist, immediately before the spray tan session, be sure the client is dry before applying the solution. Another must have the Barrier Cream. Barrier Cream is a great preventative measure to help avoid or minimize product penetration on areas such as palms, knees, elbows, and the soles of your feet.

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