Pro Sunless Advice

Building your business in the slow season

When the weather changes so do our sunless business’! But not to worry, there are plenty of ways to advance your business even in the slower months.

Outdated? Let’s up-date! Busier months we focus less on the little things like business cards, Facebook business pages and even our website. Use this time to make some updates! Refresh your logos and pictures, maybe change your verbiage you’ve grown to dislike!

Take the time to create a follow up or reminder message, or re-vamp the ones you currently have! Whether its via email or text, use some new lingo and aim to send your message to all of your clients around they’re next scheduled visit. They’re bound to appreciate the added effort of making their service the best!

Remember those dust bunnies you swept under your shelves last month? Time to clean! Your turbine, gun, fan, tent, room, it could all use some TCL. Plus, keeping your equipment in tip-top shape will improve the longevity of your equipment! And while your cleaning your spray room, don’t be afraid to rearrange or add some new decor while you’re at it!

Create new marketing slogans and promotions! What about a monthly/weekly special? Thursday Happy hour-half off spray tans!  Or hey, Labor Day is this weekend, last minute tanning specials $5.00 off! Even consider packages as a promotion to run, buy three tans get the 4th free; this is a great way to lock in a client which benefits the both of you!

Slow months are filled with ways to benefit and grow your business. Need more inspiration? Give us a call! We’re happy to help you find ideas to best spark your business!

Happy Tanning!