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Can I workout with a spray tan?

Get a head start on your fitness goals this year without sacrificing vibrant, bronze skin! While going for extra jogs and trips to the gym are excellent New Year’s resolutions, make sure that you take some precautions so as not to rub off or prematurely fade your spray tan accidentally. Our team at Sjolie Sunless knows how important it is to look beautiful while achieving health objectives – let us help keep you looking bronzed all year long!


Stay EXTRA Hydrated 

Hydration is important for a long-lasting tan because the skin is the largest organ of the body, and it needs to be adequately hydrated in order to maintain its elasticity and smoothness. When the skin is dry, tight, and flaky, it becomes a poor canvas for a spray tan, and it will not look as smooth or even. Drinking plenty of water and encouraging more water intake during winter months when the skin tends to be drier than usual can help to ensure that the skin is well-hydrated and ready for a tan.

The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is: About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men. About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. –

Don’t Skimp on your Spray Tan Prep 

For a perfect spray tan, start with clean skin! To ensure the best results possible, make sure to shave and exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before your appointment. Be sure to use a spray tan-safe exfoliant like the Sjolie Sugar Scrub; this polish contains 4-simple ingredients for adequate removal of dead skin and debris without leaving behind any invisible residues that could cause your tan to develop unevenly. When shaving, it’s best to use a new, sharp razor without the soap strip – these strips, while small, can leave a big impact on your skin which would be problematic for your color development!

And remember, refrain from applying any moisturizer the day of the spray tan, as this can create an uneven finish.


Avoid restrictive clothing

By wearing non-restrictive clothing, you can ensure that your spray tan lasts as long as possible and maintains it’s even and natural appearance. Loose-fitting workout gear allows the skin to breathe and prevents friction that can cause the tan to rub off, especially while doing repetitive movements. Tight clothing can cause the tan to fade unevenly, resulting in patchy or streaked areas.

Instead of the push-up sports bras and skin-tight leggings, opt for a comfortable cotton sports bra and loose joggers. While you may not be the most fashionable at the gym, your spray tan will be the most flawless 🙂

Wearing shoes in the gym will be inevitable; keep this in mind; it will likely be the first area to fade and will require some extra love! The same applies to the bra and panty line if you choose tighter-fitting clothing. Minimize the fade in these areas by applying a self-tanner for added color. We suggest the Skin Perfecting Lotion or Bronzing Mousse!

Skip the saunas & heated classes

The heat and humidity in saunas and heated workout environments can cause the skin to sweat excessively, leading to the tan fading or remove entirely. The heat can also cause the skin to dry out, which can make the tan appear uneven and patchy. Excessive sweating can also cause more friction with clothing, rubbing off the tan. Instead of your next heated pilates class, head to the main floor, opt for a low-intensity, heavier-weighted workout, and keep the cardio to a minimum (yay)! If you cannot fathom skipping cardio days followed by a nice sweat in the gym’s hot box, don’t worry, this won’t be detrimental to your tan, but keep in mind it may fade your spray tan faster if you’re regularly sweating and causing friction!

Keep your showers short

Regular workouts often require extensive showers for muscle relief, but it’s important to keep showers short and avoid using excessively hot water. Hot water can strip away the skin’s natural hydration and make it difficult for the self-tan to last. To maintain the best results, it’s essential to nourish the skin with a gentle and moisturizing body wash like Sjolie cleanser. This body wash will remove dirt and sweat build-up after a workout without stripping away the self-tan color, keeping your spray tan looking its best.

Your shower routine doesn’t stop there! Always pat dry, do not rub! Rubbing can physically remove the skin cells holding on to your spray tan color, creating a premature fade. yikes!

Double up on your moisturizer

Using a spray-tan-safe moisturizer can help extend your tan’s life by slowing down the skin cell turnover process, keeping the skin moisturized, and preventing it from drying out. All of this helps avoid premature fading, patchiness, and an uncomfortable tight, itchy feeling.

Choosing a moisturizer formulated explicitly for sunless tans is even more critical, as some moisturizers contain ingredients that can interact with the tan and cause it to fade more quickly. Sjolie has carefully formulated two daily moisturizers, one without DHA and one with, to incorporate into your AM and PM skincare regimens for improved skin health and extended sunless tan life!

We suggest applying the Body Renew Moisturizer each morning for skin hydration; this will help combat tan removal from any rubbing or friction during your workouts. For your PM routine, apply the Tan Extend Lotion before bed. Tan Extend contains a small amount (2%) of DHA for added vibrance. For areas experiencing fade, this will help blend and create a more flawless look.