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Can you mix spray tan solutions?

Can you mix spray tan solutions?

Can you mix spray tan solutions? YES! At least with Sjolie Sunless solutions you can!

Why mix spray tan solutions?

Here at Sjolie, we want to make customizing a sunless session for your client simple. All solutions blend’s we offer can be mixed together to create your client’s own solution formula! You want to mix an alcohol blend with an aloe blend? Go for it! The one solution we don’t recommend mixing is the Ultra One Rapid Tan, because why would you need to!

When can you mix spray tan solutions?

Mixing solutions is ideal when the goal is to change the DHA percentage by more than 1% DHA. Mixing is more cost effective for you as a spray tan technician when boosting by 1% DHA just isn’t enough. (If you are only needing to boost your solution by 1% DHA, try using the DHA booster drops!)

How can you mix spray tan solutions?

Below you will see mixology by numbers. Use this guide as a rule of thumb when mixing Sjolie Solutions. Keep in mind, these formulas are based on 3oz of solution per spray. If you only use 2 oz. per spray, decrease by .5 on each component of the formula!


TO ACHIEVE                                     MIX


7%                                          2oz of 6% + 1oz of 9%


8%                                          1oz of 6% + 2oz of 9%


9%                                         1.5oz of 6% + 1.5oz of 12%


10%                                        1oz of 12% + 2oz of 9%


11%                                        1oz of 6% + 2oz of 12%


12%                                        1oz of 6% + 2oz of 14%


13%                                        2oz of 12% + 1oz of 14%