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Can I shave with a spray tan?

Can I shave with a spray tan?

With our days heating up and more skin showing, it is important to remember how shaving can affect our skin and our spray tans.

Mechanical Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells using any form of tool (razors, sponges, scrubs, brushes etc.). When shaving with a razor not only do we remove the exposed hair, we are also removing that fine layer of dead skin which our sunless color is applied to. In turn you are not just removing hair you are removing your tan!

Explaining the importance of how shaving can affect our sunless tan is essential when educating your sunless clients. Limiting the amount of shaving after the sunless solution is applied should always be encouraged. It is in the clients best interest to shave(or any kind of hair removal) at least 24 hours in advance to receiving a sunless tan. Hair removal too close to the sunless appointment could cause product buildup in open pores which will give the look of “dotted skin” and possibly patchiness.

As technicians and sunless tanners ourselves, we understand shaving is occasionally inevitable, here are some shaving tips to share with your clients when shaving with a sunless tan is a must:

  • Shave using a new or sharpened blade.
  • Wait 24-48 hours after your sunless session before shaving.
  • Do not apply heavy pressure when shaving.
  • Avoid harsh shaving products, using a conditioner when shaving is recommended.

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