Pro Sunless Advice

CBD Spray Tan

The word is out, CBD is the newest and greatest addition to the sunless industry. The Sjolie CBD Restore Concetrate is one of our most popular product inquiries. CBD is a concentrate free from THC used mainly for pain managment, along with skin repair, and more. CBD is most commonly found in topical formulas but is also available in oral.
This blog will highlight the most frequently asked questions about topical usage of Sjolie’s CBD Restore Concentrate. If you’re looking for more fondation knowledge of Sjolie’s CBD, click HERE & check out before reading further.

When implimenting new products in your services; it’s important to understand proper usage and instruction. So how do you use CBD? Add one full dropper of CBD Restore Concentrate for every 2oz. of spray tan solution. For pain management or severe skin conditions, we recommend increasing usage by one dropper full at a time. This may be trial and error until you, as the technician, can pinpoint the proper amount to use on your specific client and their needs.

Remember, CBD Restore Concentrate is for topical use ONLY. Do not ingest.

CBD + Spray Tan Solution

Adding CBD Restore Concentrate to your sunless solution is the most common method of application. Mixing CBD with your sunless solution before application will add “insurance” to your sunless results.

To use, add one full dropper full of CBD to 2oz. of solution in a solution cup. Increase CBD as needed. Do not shake. Agitate the liquids by twirling the cup. Whether you’re adding CBD or another additive, we never suggest shaking the mixutre-avoid creating foam. Continue with the service as normal.

CBD + pH Balancing Spray

Do you prefer applying pH Balancing Spray using your applicator vs. the spray bottle? Try mixing CBD Restore Concentrate with your pH before applying to the client. The mixture will allow for the ultimate sunless solution prep.

For those technicians who like to use th pH Balancing Spray bottle – mix 1 entire bottle of CBD Restore Concentrate with 1 entire 8oz. bottle of pH Balancing Spray. Give the bottle a light twirl before each client application to avoid any seperation of the mixture. *Tip: Sjolie suggests to have one 8oz. pH Balancer and one 8oz. pH/CBD Balancer. This will make it easier to price your services and allow clients the option of the additional treatment, but remember to mark which bottle is what!

Again, we do not recommend shaking, agitate by twirling your cup only; you can apply as normal.

CBD + Barrier Cream

In most cases, the client will require barrier cream on dry areas like elbows and knees to prevent DHA development. Along with areas, those suffering from Psoriasis or Eczema can also be treated with Barrier Cream, adding CBD to a Barrier Cream will intensify moisturizing properties while treating the targeted conditions directly! *Tip: While it is okay to spray small areas of Psoriasis or Eczema, it will always be the job of the technician to know when or when not to spray a client. It is vital to never spray a client with open or broken skin.

To use, start by mixing 3-4 pumps of Barrier Cream in a small bowl/ramekin and add 1 dropper full of CBD Restore Concetrate. Mix with a clean utensil before applying  liberally sensitized conditions o dry areas. Discard left over product. Do NOT put product back into bottle.

CBD + Water

Because CBD is such a new and booming concept, you may have a wide range of clientele with interest in a CBD treatment without the DHA. Sjolie CBD Concentrate can also be mix with deionized water and be applied directly to the skin – just as you would a normal spray tan!

Start with 2oz. of Deionized Water, simply add one full dropper of CBD to your cup. Increase CBD amount based on client’s needs. *Tip: You cannot cause your client to “overdose” on CBD! Combine Deionized Water and CBD Concentrate in a solution cup. Attach a cup to the applicator and spray client with normal spray technique. At the end of session, use remaining product to spray over troublesome areas. *Tip: While every client should be filling out a waiver prior to any treatment, CBD or not – it is recommended to have an area for your client to list outareas that may be in more pain or in more need of attention than others. These are the areas you can focus on during a second pass.

Stand behind your new service! Sjolie CBD Restore Concentrate will surly set you apart from your competition. When adding CBD to a Solution, Barrier Cream, or other mixture, we recommend a minimum of $10 – $15 upcharge per dropper full of CBD; however, location, clientel, and service style can affect our recommendations. Use your best judgment and do your research when it comes to pricing your services, and always feel free to consult with a representative with the Sjolie Customer Service team.