Pro Sunless Advice

Choosing a Machine; Apollo or Fuji?

The Spring and Summer seasons may seem like a distant dream, but believe it or not, right now is the perfect time to jump-start your sunless business! You might have already created your business name and concept, but still, need to “pull the trigger” on a machine (pun intended). With so many options available, this decision can be a bit cumbersome–but have no fear! We are happy to assist you with choosing a machine that will be most beneficial to you and your sunless business!

First, it’s important to understand the machine terminology.

A Turbine refers to the “power-unit.” A Turbine should not be referred to as a compressor because it does not compress the gas to produce its power. Instead, it should be referred to as an HVLP machine or turbine.

An Applicator or Gun refers to the hand-held unit which attaches to your turbine by a hose, available in upgraded stainless steel or high-grade plastic model. Technicians can easily control the spray tan service using the Applicator adjustment knobs, making full-body tanning, shade and contour effortlessly achievable (controls vary by Applicator model).

The two brands of HVLP (high volume low pressure) systems we carry are Apollo and Fuji. Sjolie solutions will be compatible with both brands of machines.

The Brands

Apollo Sprayers Inc. has been a leader in HVLP technology for over 48 years and is located in Vista, California, making them a “made in the USA” manufacturer. Apollo President and CEO John took over his father in this family-owned and operated business, and many of Apollos staff members have worked there for 30 years or more! Sjolie has built a strong relationship with Apollo over the years, which allows us to provide our customers with quicker shipping lead times and complimentary troubleshooting on Apollo turbines and applicators.

The newest system selection to be added to Sjolie, back in 2018, is FujiTAN Sprayers! Fuji is a Canadian based company which originated in 1986 – adding spray tan HVLP Systems to their line of products in 2014. While new to the Sjolie family, Fuji has proven itself to be a superb company to work with and produce nothing by high-quality equipment. Fuji has locations in both the U.S and Canada, allowing quick and easy shipping for all orders. Built with heat diffusion boxes, these turbines are equipped to handle your busiest days without overheating.

Recommended for MOBILE Technicians

Mobile Spray Tan Technicians perform spray tan services out of the comfort of clients’ homes or requested space. Because mobile technicians’ business is on the go, carrying and transporting equipment is a huge factor in considering what machine will work best. Logically speaking, Mobile Technicians should only consider machines that are 15 pounds or less. Trust us—carrying a machine any more massive will get old fast! Because Mobile Turbines are smaller and more compact, the number of sprays the turbine will be able to handle will be less then what a Salon Turbine will be able to handle.


Apollo’s Mini Mist and Mini Mist Deluxe

  • Lightweight and easy to transport, weighing 10 pounds, also features a carrying strap
  • Operates at 79 decibels (comparable to hairdryer)
  • Can handle ten tans a day
  • 1-year turbine warranty, 6-month warranty on the applicator

The difference between Apollo MiniMist & Apollo MiniMist Deluxe is the applicator. The MiniMist comes with a T6000 plastic applicator, and all other machines come with a T5020 stainless steel applicator. The way the solution straw in the plastic applicator was built does not reach the bottom of the cup; therefore, there will always be about an ounce of solution your straw will not be able to pick up. This does not happen with the stainless-steel applicator; all product will be used.

Fuji’s miniTAN

  • The turbine is 15lbs
  • Operates at 79 decibels (comparable to the average hairdryer)
  • It can handle upwards of 15-20+ tans per day
  • Comes with stainless steel M-Model Applicator with spray pattern control
  • 2-year warranty on both turbine and applicator

Recommended for SALON/SPA Technicians

Salon Technicians work in one location and have their clientele come to them. Whether you own our salon or rent a room, the volume can be significantly higher in a stationary based business. Because a salon tech does not have to move their equipment frequently, weight is necessary, not a factor in their decision making. Decibel reading and volume capability are typical specifications that salon-based technicians look at in an HVLP system.


Apollo’s Eco-Mighty Mist

  • The turbine weighs 17 pounds
  • Operates at 76 decibels (comparable to hairdryer)
  • Can handle 25-30 tans a day
  • Durable stainless steel T5020 applicator
  • 2-year turbine warranty, 6-month warranty on the applicator

Fuji’s SalonTAN

  • The turbine is 17lbs
  • Operates at 56 decibels making it the quietest machine that we offer and one of the quietest on the market
  • It can handle upwards of 40+ tans per day
  • Comes with stainless steel M-Model Applicator with spray pattern control
  • 2-year warranty on both turbine and applicat