Business & Marketing Tips

COVID-19 Affects Your Sunless Business

Spring Break, music festivals, vacations, and overall better weather conditions are some of the reasons that the Spring and Summer seasons are the busiest for Spray Tan Technicians. But because of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), you and your business will be affected. Unfortunately, companies across the world, big and small, have already felt the impact of this pandemic, and it is our responsibility to accept this change, take action, and be prepared.

What can you do to stay healthy and safe?

  • Make a PSA on your Instagram, Facebook, or Email/Text announcement, advising clients to reschedule their appointment if feeling sick in any way. Let everyone know that the health and safety of you and your clientele are critical importance, and you will work with them on rescheduling and waive cancellation fees.
  • Increase your cleanliness efforts. Using high-grade disinfectants in high-touch areas are especially important. Wipe down and disinfect areas frequently throughout the day and wash hands thoroughly.
  1. Have hand sanitizer handy in your room for every client, including yourself.
  2. Wear gloves for each appointment
  3. Use clean towels and restock in between each appointment
  4. After each appointment, wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant wipes including:
      • Door Handles
      • Spray gun
      • Prep products
      • Hand sanitizer pump
      • Payment devices

How can you salvage lost clients & revenue?

  • Be understanding of your client’s hesitations in coming to their services. If your client would like to cancel, offer an extended reschedule to avoid refunds or waive any cancellation fees.
  • Suggest an at-home tanning product such as our Bronzing Mousse, or Skin Perfecting lotion instead of the scheduled spray tan. Your client can still achieve a beautiful tan without having to step outside of their home. This is a win-win for both you and the client.
  • Offering discounted spray tan packages to your clients will reassure you that you have appointments booked for a later date and time, while also generating business even if you don’t spray tan anyone at the moment. Here are some examples of how you can market your spray tan packages:
      1. Buy 4 Spray Tans, for the price of 3 Spray Tans.
      2. Purchase 2 Self Tanners & Receive $5 Off Your Next Spray Tan.
      3. Purchase Mousse and Mitt Combo & Receive Free Additive During Your Next Spray Tan.

The most important thing to remember right now is to stay vigilant and optimistic. From all of us here at Sjolie Sunless, we wish everyone continued health and happiness during this time.