Pro Sunless Advice

Differences between Norvell and Sjolie Sunless

Norvell is a veteran company in the sunless industry, we cannot deny the brand’s large following, customer loyalty, and unique product. However, Sjolie Sunless has become a leader in today’s market due to our all-natural superior solutions (available in a range of colors and formulations), ease of use, and competitive pricing. For those technicians switching over or sampling what Sjolie Sunless has to offer, there are key points to consider:



Norvell recommends “1 wet saturated coat” when applying their products with a 24 hour wear before showering. Sjolie does NOT recommend applying solution the same as Norvell. Sjolie solutions require “one light coat” only. Additional coats of the product are not needed as this will not make the client darker. 2 light coats of Sjolie solution is only necessary if the technician believes the body was not fully covered with the product during the initial pass. Most solutions can be rinsed at the 8-hour mark (with the exception of the Rapids) and will continue to develop over a 24 hour period. Technicians should refer to solution instructions for specifics.

If the technician notices dripping or the client feels extremely wet, reduce the amount of solution used by changing your applicator settings and ensuring only 2-3 oz. of the product is used per client.


Sjolie utilizes all-natural ingredients only. Sjolie professional solutions, pre-tan, and retail items are Gluten-free, Vegan, PETA approved, Erythrulose-free and Urea-free. These are all ingredients Sjolie finds unnecessary when formulating a new product because we focus on the health of the client!

Synthetic ingredients create deep dark colors in other solutions. Sjolie excludes synthetic ingredients, meaning we utilize only natural DHA and colorants to create a bronzed look. So keep in mind, Sjolie’ s medium blend may be lighter than Norvell’s medium blend. We recommend consulting with a Sjolie Representative when trying to find a comparable solution between brands.