Product Knowledge

Education Blend – Training Solution

We know starting a new sunless business can be nerve-racking. Here at Sjolie, we strive to make your life a little easier by providing the necessary tools to help you feel confident in your new trade. With new technicians in mind, Sjolie Sunless created our Education Blend Solution.

Sjolie’s Training Solution, or Education Blend, is formulated with strictly cosmetic bronzers and has 0% DHA. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA for short) is the crucial ingredient in all sunless solutions, as this is the ingredient that is working with the top layer of your skin, resulting in the temporary change of pigmentation. Because our Education Blend lacks DHA, this solution will not tan the skin.

Formulated to be used as a training tool, the Education Blend allows technicians to spray a live model without the pressure of performing an actual spray tan service. Using cosmetic bronzers as an instant color guide, the technician can visualize their spray patterns and practice their speed and control. The cosmetic bronzers will sit on the skin until they thoroughly rinsed off with water.

This solution is included in every Sjolie Starter Kit, in hopes that new technicians will use this product to assist them in perfecting their technique, their applicator control, and their solution pour. Mastering each of these will ensure a confident and cost-effective spray tan!