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Free Sjolie Samples

Are you interested in trying Sjolie’s spray tan solutions but aren’t ready to invest in a full-size bottle? Don’t worry, we have you covered! We love free samples here at Sjolie and want to allow all spray tan artists to test our solutions with their clientele. With our Free Sample Program, we offer new clients two of the most popular blends so you can have the opportunity to try Sjolie for the first time with little investment!

You might be wondering why Aloe No. 9 and Luxe No.9 are the two samples included in our Free Sjolie Sample Program. The answer is simple, both are a customer favorite and are foolproof products that will work on a vast range of skin tones. Both solutions contain a 9% DHA which is the most popular level; Sjolie considers this a medium color. Each solution will also give you the experience of the industry’s most requested undertone colors; our Aloe formulas contain an olive undertone, while Luxe solutions contain violet. Both products will have a different color outcome with a relatively similar depth. Trying both solutions with the same DHA level will allow you to better compare the results of each and better understand the possibilities!

Aloe Vera No. 9

Our Aloe No. 9 Solution has an olive undertone and is designed to hydrate! This solution has an 8-hour development time and can last up to 10 days with proper care. The Aloe No. 9 has 9% DHA, which creates a beautiful medium golden-brown sun-kissed glow. Use this solution on clients who have dry skin to help improve the skin’s moisture barrier and tan longevity!

This solution is ideal for clients with cool undertones, meaning they tend to have pinker skin. The olive undertones complement the pink and prevent the skin from looking even more pink or red.

With this solution, it’s essential to apply the right amount of solution; if you apply it too heavy, the client will feel sticky because of the added moisture! We recommend 2 ounces per client and only one light coat.

Luxe Violet No. 9

The Sjolie Luxe No. 9 spray tan solution is an alcohol-based formula; this allows it to feel drier upon initial application in comparison to the hydration of aloe vera products. It’s important to remember to hydrate when using alcohol blends! Applying Tan Extend & Body Renew each day would be a great regimen.

The most significant difference between the Luxe line and Aloe solution is the violet undertone. Violet color will bring out a rich deep chocolate brown color, while still utilizing 9% DHA! This deep medium color can last up to 7 days with proper care.

This solution is ideal for clients with warm undertones, meaning they tend to have more yellow in their skin. The violet undertones complement the yellow and prevent the skin from looking ashy.

The Luxe Line and Aloe Line are a great duo! Mixing these two undertones makes for a fantastic color once you’re comfortable and confident in using each product on its own. There are many ways you can mix these two solutions, but Sjolie suggests two equal parts of each sample solution you receive to create the most stunning customized spray tan for yourself or your clientele!