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Achieve superior results for your clients with Sjolie Sunless Spray Tan Solutions. Unlock the potential of high-performance formulas to make each spray tan session a success!

We offer a one-time opportunity for new customers to receive complimentary samples of our two most popular formulas – Original N°9 and Luxe Violet N°9 – providing the perfect chance to compare both medium shades from our two formula lines before committing fully. To redeem your delivery of spray tan solution samples, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the Order Form provided below with the required details.
  2. Complete the shipping payment using the provided payment options.
  3. Once your payment is verified, we will dispatch your samples within 1-2 business days.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here to help!

You might wonder why Aloe N°9 and Luxe N°9 are the two samples in our Free Sjolie Sample Program. The answer is simple, both are a customer favorite and are foolproof products that will work on a vast range of skin tones.

Both solutions contain a 9% DHA, the most popular level; Sjolie considers this a medium color. Each solution will also give you the experience of the industry’s most requested undertone colors; our Aloe formulas contain an olive undertone, while Luxe solutions contain violet.

Each product will have a different color outcome with a relatively similar depth. Trying both solutions with the same DHA level will allow you to compare the results of each better and understand the possibilities!

Our Aloe N°9 Solution has an olive undertone and is designed to hydrate! Use this solution on dry skin clients to help improve the skin’s moisture barrier and tan longevity, which can last up to 10 days with proper care!

The Aloe N°9 has 9% DHA, which creates a beautiful medium golden-brown tan. The olive undertones in this solution make it ideal for clients with cool undertones, meaning they tend to have pinker skin. These cosmetic bronzers complement the pink and prevent the skin from looking even more pink or red.

The Luxe N°9 spray tan solution is an alcohol-based formula; this allows it to feel drier upon initial application in comparison to the hydration of aloe vera products. It’s important to remember to hydrate when using alcohol blends! Applying Tan Extend & Body Renew each day would be a great regimen to improve longevity and avoid patchy color.

The violet undertone is the most significant difference between the Luxe line and the Aloe solution. Violet color will bring out a rich deep chocolate brown color while still utilizing 9% DHA and lasting around 7 days with proper care!  These violet cosmetic bronzers help to neutralize the yellow pigments found in warm undertones and prevent the spray tan from developing an ashy-like color.

Most spray tan technicians will use 2 ounces of product per client; however, if you’re new to sunless, you may use closer to 3 ounces and sometimes even 4 per spray tan. The goal should be to use 2 ounces of product per client once you’ve perfected your spray technique. 

Based on 2-ounce usage per service, you can achieve 1-2 tans for every four-ounce bottle and 3-4 spray tans for every eight-ounce bottle. 

These samples will require an HVLP or Airbrush machine for application! Our Professional spray tan formulas are specially formulated to the perfect viscosity for application with this equipment. Our professional products are not intended for application by hand. If you’re looking for a self-applied tan, we recommend checking out our various Retail products.

We would love everyone to have the opportunity to trial our products before investing in a more significant purchase! That’s why we work together to get Sjolie products in your hands for little to no investment.

You will be responsible for the associated shipping costs in exchange for your free sample products. Once you’ve completed the payment for your selected sample size and shipping method, we will begin processing your order.

Most sample requests will ship within 1-2 business days, and you will receive them in 2-7 business days. For quicker delivery, select the FedEx 2Day Delivery Option.

We allow for one “free sample request” per business, location, or person. We check all submitted forms for previous shipment details; so if we receive a request for free samples from a business that has already taken advantage of our program, the order will be automatically canceled and payment refunded without notice.