Pro Sunless Advice

Boosting your business during Homecoming & Back to School

With summer at a close, we are officially back to school! And while it is normal for our business in these months to slow down, there are always opportunities to increase revenue and keep your business operating steadily.

Back to school brings us homecoming, school formals, pictures, etc.; an optimal time for spray tanning appointments and returning clients. It is important to take advantage of these times and events.

Unsure how or where to start? An excellent way to get appointments on the books is by holding “Back to School Promotions.” The great thing with these promotions is that you can really customize them to your liking. Here are just some of the promotions you can offer to your clients to fill up your booking calendar!

Existing clients with teens?

Offer a promo allowing your client a percentage or dollar amount discount towards a future service by bringing their teen in for a homecoming spray tan. Since the parents will likely be fronting the cost of the service, you might as well kick something back to them as a thank you!

Shimmer and Shine – an additive promo!

One of the amazing perks of our Golden and Opalescent Shimmer drops is their use as a standalone service or benefits to a spray tan service. Create a standalone service by replacing the sunless solution you’d typically mix with purified water and voila! While many spay tans will be booked a few days before the event, you can have your clients come back on the day of the main event for a shimmer body spray. This can be worked into the price of the original spray tan and will help you stand out from surrounding technicians.

Buy One, Get One.

This is a classic promotion securing a future appointment for your client! Offering your clients money off their next spray tan if they book their homecoming tan with you is a great way to ensure they will be coming back for their winter formal or even graduation.

Tips for success:

  1. Really investigate social media marketing to help get your name out there and advertise for your back to school deals. The sooner the better to get your books filled! If you know of a High School student, offer a free spray tan to advertise to their friends. Ask him or her to post a picture to their personal Instagram or Facebook with your current deals!
  2. Prepare for Back to School! Because you will likely be dealing with an age range of 15-18, make sure you are properly prepared for each appointment including: Parental Consent waivers, disposables bras & panties, and the option of having a parent with them in the spray room. We also suggest requesting current school identification to validate the promo for each student.
  3. It is essential you are properly educating your clients of pre and post care. Create a pre-written text or email to send your clients 48-hours before the appointment. This will ensure they have properly prepped before the appointment and understand the importance of after care and spray tan maintenance. Be especially careful to remind your clients of proper shower times via text or call, time can get away from a younger on-the-go client and we would hate for them to forget rinsing off a rapid tan! Our Sjolie Maintenance Trifold would be perfect item to send home with them!