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How to Choose The Perfect Starter Kit

Starting or upgrading a sunless tanning business can be an exciting venture, and choosing the right starter kit is a critical first step in your journey. Sjolie offers a range of starter kits that provide a cost-effective way to acquire the equipment and products you need to get your business up and running. Before selecting the perfect kit for your needs, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the factors to consider and introduce you to the starter kit options, helping you make the best decision for your business.

Consider Your Daily Tan Volume:

The first key factor to consider when choosing a starter kit is your anticipated daily tanning volume. Are you just starting and planning to do a few tans per day, or are you already an experienced technician looking to serve a high number of clients? Here’s a brief overview of how Sjolie’s starter kits align with your tan volume needs.

Essentials Package:

If you’re a beginner, planning to use the kit for personal use, or expect to perform a low number of tans daily, the Essentials package is ideal. It provides a solid foundation and includes a choice between the Apollo MiniMist and the Fuji soloTAN machines.

Premier Package:

For those who are familiar with spray tanning, offer existing beauty services, or anticipate a moderate volume of tans, the Premier package is recommended. It’s suitable for both mobile and salon-based businesses and offers a choice between the Apollo MiniMist Deluxe and the Fuji studioTAN machines.

Ultimate Package:

If you’re running a high-volume sunless business, already have an established client base, or are an experienced technician, the Ultimate package is your best bet. This kit, featuring the Apollo MightyMist and the Fuji salonTAN machines, offers the power and efficiency needed to handle a high volume of tans.

Consider Your Service Locations

The second factor to ponder is where you will perform your tanning services. Are you planning to operate as a mobile technician, work in a salon or spa, or perhaps do both? The choice of your starter kit should align with your service location preferences.

Mobile Tanning: If you’re planning to offer tanning services on the go, you’ll want a starter kit that’s portable and easy to transport. The Essentials kits are suitable for mobile technicians. The Apollo Mini Mist, Apollo Mini Mist Deluxe, or Fuji SoloTAN would be your best options!

Salon/Spa-Based: If you prefer a fixed location and will primarily offer your services in a salon or spa, the Premier or Ultimate packages, with more substantial machines, are an excellent choice. They are designed for salons or locations with minimal mobile services. Due to their weight, noise level, and spray volume capabilities, the Fuji studioTan, Apollo Mighty Mist, or Fuji salonTan kits will be the best options!

Consider Your Equipment Preferences

Finally, you should consider your equipment preferences. Do you prefer a system that’s “pre-set and ready to use,” or do you want more flexibility with ways to adjust and customize the tanning experience for your clients?

If you value simplicity and ease of use, the Apollo Starter kits come with the Apollo T5020 applicator, which comes ready to use and is very straightforward.

If you desire more control and customization options, the Fuji starter kits come with the FujiTAN7350 applicator that allows you to adjust your spray pattern for your client’s specific needs.

Whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate technician, or an experienced pro, Sjolie has a starter kit to launch your sunless tanning journey. Once you make the investment, you’ll be well on your way to providing beautiful, natural-looking tans to your clients!