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How to clean your salon during COVID

Now more than ever, the cleanliness of your space is a top priority not only to keep you safe but also your clients! With salons now being able to open back up once again, it is important to take the steps to disinfect before and after each appointment.

Sjolie Multi-Surface Disinfectant

We know this task can become time-consuming, with that in mind, we designed the Sjolie Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray. You can take your disinfecting and cleanliness to the next level and ensure that your spray room, salon, home, or office is receiving the best protection possible. Made in an OTC Manufacturing Facility, our Extra Strength Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% of germs and viruses within seconds as it is formulated with 70% Ethyl Alcohol.  Formulated to spray with your existing HVLP System, a single quart of the Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray can cover up to 3,220 square feet and will leave your room with a subtle, fresh scent. When used correctly, our Disinfectant Spray is not harmful, or damaging, and will not cause discoloration on surfaces.

The Sjolie Multi Surface Disinfectant is

  • Non- Toxic
  • Non- Toxic
  • Fast Drying
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Safe for Equipment

and free of

  • Triclosan
  • Bleach
  • Sulfate
  • Ammonia
  • Petroleum-based ingredients

Because this is a disinfectant product, you will want to ensure you are still using your daily cleaning products before spraying your desired areas. The Sjolie Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray does NOT need diluting and follows all CDC recommendations to fight against viruses and germs.

How to Use

Step One: Clean your area with your standard household cleaner
Step Two: Using your solution cup from your applicator – fill the cup with the desired amount of Sjolie Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray
Step Three: Turn on HVLP System and spray the Disinfectant Spray over the clean area. Allow the Disinfectant to Air Dry. Be sure to avoid over saturation and pooling. Simply use a clean, dry towel if dripping or pooling occurs.
Step Four: Once complete, empty your solution cup and re-fill your cup with warm water. Rinse your applicator by turning on your HVLP System and pull your applicator’s trigger until the warm water has sprayed through and your solution cup is empty. You can spray your water into a clean towel or a sink.


To avoid surface damage, ensure there is no pooling of liquid. If pooling occurs, simply use a dry rag to wipe up excess product.

Pour into a small pump bottle to keep in your purse or car for on-the-go disinfectant

Q: Can I use this product without an HVLP System?

A: YES! If you do not have an HVLP System, you can simply pour the Sjolie Disinfectant Spray into a spray bottle.

Q: Can I spray this product on fabric?

A: Yes! However, Sjolie recommends doing a patch test of more delicate or antique furniture/fabric.

Q: Can I use this in my home?

A: Absolutely. Sjolie formulated this product to help everyone, not just the beauty industry. This product is safe to use in homes, office buildings, gyms, classrooms, ETC.

Q: Can I use this on food?

A: No. This product should not be applied to food or consumed in any way.

Sjolie Protective Mask

Sjolie’s Ultra Filter Mask is designed with high-quality Neoprene fabric, 2 Active Carbon Filters, and an adjustable nose clip and strap for the ultimate comfortability.

Mask Material: Neoprene

Neoprene is not a breathable fabric; however, because of this characteristic, Neoprene is an excellent choice for a face mask! Developed in 1930, Neoprene is a synthetic rubber fabric commonly used in wetsuits due to its durability and water-resistant capabilities. Neoprene is generally stronger and harder than natural rubber and, when used in face mask form, can help stop the droplets that may carry the COVID-19 virus.

Filters: Active Carbon Filters

Paired with our Ultra Filter Mask’s durability are the Active Carbon Filters, which tested to be 99.9% effective blocking particulates down to .1 micron. Activated Carbon Filers remove a significantly higher amount of air pollutants than regular carbon filters.

The SJOLIE Mask Filter’s life expectancy depends on many variables: particulate exposure density, particulate exposure duration, and user breathing rate. With that said, below are our general guidelines – as the user will have the final call given your exposure.

+ 20-30+ hours of continuous use in heavy dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition, etc.

+ 30-40+ hours of continuous use in light dust exposure to things such as; grain bins, off-roading, construction/demolition, etc.

+ 50-60+ hours of continuous use when protecting against allergens, pollutants, odors, etc.

Sjolie Hand Sanitizer

Formulated with the perfect blend of Ethyl Alcohol and Aloe Vera, the Sjolie Extra Strength Hand Sanitizer will leave your hands germ free while providing hydration that many other hand sanitizers strip. Our Hand Sanitizer is created right alongside our Multi-Surface Disinfectant spray in an OTC Certified Manufacturing Facility and is guaranteed to kill 99.9% of germs. While other brands use 65% Ethyl Alcohol, Sjolie Hand Sanitizer meets the CDCs recommendation of using 70% to aid the fight against COVID-19. Pair our quart-sized Hand Sanitizer with a pump top and have stationed throughout your salon and spray room, or stock your retail shelves with our 4oz bottles for constant on the go protection for your clients.