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How To Host A Spray Tan Party

In the ever-evolving world of sunless tanning, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to increase pre-bookings and monthly revenue. One proven strategy gaining traction is hosting monthly spray tan parties or group sessions. Not only do these gatherings foster a sense of community and fun, but they also offer a host of financial benefits for your sunless tanning business. We’ll explore the advantages of hosting spray tan parties, effective marketing strategies, potential add-ons, recommended discounts, and considerations for additional fees when your spray tan technician travels to the party location.

Advantages of Hosting Monthly Spray Tan Parties

Hosting spray tan parties offers numerous advantages. Statistical evidence demonstrates that it increases pre-bookings, enhances monthly revenue, and creates new opportunities for attracting clients.

1. Increased Pre-Bookings: Hosting regular spray tan parties allows you to secure a dedicated client base. Many participants prefer scheduling their next tanning session right after a party, boosting your pre-bookings.

2. Higher Monthly Revenue: With more clients attending each party, you can substantially increase your monthly revenue. Group sessions often generate more income than individual appointments.

3. Community Building: Spray tan parties foster a sense of camaraderie among clients, encouraging them to bring friends and return for future events. This community aspect can help create a loyal customer base.

Marketing Spray Tan Parties Year-Round

To guarantee the triumph of your spray tan parties, it’s crucial to pay close attention to marketing strategies. Effective promotion not only draws in a larger audience but also creates excitement and anticipation around your events, maximizing their chances of success. Here are some essential marketing tips to make your spray tan parties stand out.

1. Holiday-Themed Parties:

Capitalize on holidays by hosting themed spray tan parties. For example, offer “Bronze for the Beach” parties in the summer or “Winter Glow” events during the holiday season.

2. Monthly Specials:

Promote monthly party schedules on your website, social media, and email newsletters. Create a sense of urgency by offering exclusive discounts or perks for those who book in advance.

3. Referral Programs:

Encourage attendees to refer friends to your parties by offering referral discounts or incentives.

Add-On Services to Attract Guests

To attract a larger turnout for your spray tan parties, consider elevating the appeal by introducing captivating add-on options. These supplementary services and products not only enrich the overall experience but also allow attendees to indulge in a more comprehensive and customized tanning session, making it even more appealing and memorable for them.

Mobile Spray Tan Services: Provide the convenience of bringing the spray tanning experience directly to your clients’ homes or event locations. Consider charging an additional fee for mobile services.

Tanning Products: Sell or include premium tanning products as part of the party package. This can be an appealing incentive for attendees.

Professional Photoshoots: Partner with a local photographer to offer professional photoshoots post-tan, allowing attendees to capture their bronzed glow.

Recommended Discounts and Pricing Strategies

Offering discounts for hosting spray tan parties can be highly beneficial as it not only incentivizes clients to book but also aligns with the lower overhead costs associated with accommodating multiple clients in a single session, allowing both hosts and attendees to enjoy cost-effective, bronzed beauty.

1. Group Discounts: Offer discounted rates for attendees who bring friends or refer new clients. For example, provide a 10% discount for each friend brought to the party.

2. Host Incentives: Encourage clients to host parties by providing them with discounts or free tanning sessions for a certain number of guests they bring in.

Additional Fees & Items to Consider

The joy and thrill of hosting a spray tan party can sometimes overshadow the finer details. Don’t miss out on these important aspects, especially if you aren’t offering mobile services!

  1. Travel Fee: Implement a nominal travel fee to account for transportation expenses and the technician’s valuable time. This fee may fluctuate depending on the distance covered, ensuring fairness and transparency.
  2. Minimum Attendees: Establish a minimum attendee threshold that warrants the technician’s travel. If the minimum quota is not met, consider providing flexible alternatives such as rescheduling the party or offering the option of a virtual tanning experience, guaranteeing convenience and satisfaction for all involved.

When providing mobile spray tanning services, it’s essential to be well-prepared. But, remember to customize your mobile tanning kit based on your specific needs and the preferences of your clients. Being well-prepared will help you provide a professional and convenient spray tan experience on the go. Here’s a checklist to help you:

    • Tanning Solution
    • Spray Tan Equipment
    • Tent or Pop-Up Booth
    • Disposable Undergarments
    • Barrier Creams
    • Disposable Hair Caps
    • Face Masks
    • Gloves
    • Towels and Wipes
    • Portable Lighting
    • Change of Clothes
    • Sanitizing Supplies
    • Client Consent Forms
    • Payment Processing
    • Promotional Materials
    • Extension Cord and Power Strip
    • First Aid Kit
    • Client Comfort Items
    • Timer or Alarm
    • Cleaning Supplies

Do you have additional tips and tricks that assist you in seamlessly managing spray tan parties? We’re eager to hear from you! Reach out to us at ā€“ your insights are invaluable to us!

Hosting monthly spray tan parties is a fantastic way to boost pre-bookings and monthly revenue while providing a unique and enjoyable experience for your clients. By implementing effective marketing strategies, enticing add-ons, and reasonable pricing structures, you can create a win-win situation for both your business and your loyal clientele.