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How to make money during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a Spray Tan Technician, you have experienced clients cancelling their upcoming spray tans for Prom or Spring Break, and we understand that the unforeseen circumstances can be very frustrating. With a National Shelter-in-Place order in effect due to COVID-19, you may feel defeated. The good thing is you are not alone. You can still market the retail side of your business and encourage future bookings while social distancing. Here are some ideas on how you can still maintain a successful business while avoiding direct contact with your clients.

No contact, Porch drop-off

Reach out to all your clients past and present and offer them a discounted at-home tanning product. For example, offer your customer a Bronzing Mousse and Mitt for a price of $35.00 (or whatever price you see fit) and include a free drop off to their front porch. Make your clients orders creative and fun! Use a cute bag or wrapping paper and include a personalized note thanking your client for their support. Take it a step further an include an incentive for your client to post to their social media a photo of their product or even a developed at home tan and offer a free additive in their next spray tan appointment.

Self Care Giveaway

With everyone being down in the dumps at home, brighten up your clients feeds by doing a Self-Care Giveaway! You can include a retail gift basket with a prep product (Body Wash, Exfoliating Body Wash, or Sugar Scrub), at home tanning product (Bronzing Mousse or Skin Perfecting Lotion) and post tan product (Tan Extend or Skin Perfecting). You can include free spray tan in the package to redeem later, you might even want to include your favorite quarantine snacks. Instruct your followers to tag their friends in your post and repost. Your business will market itself with this method. Offer to drop off the giveaway package, or mail to avoid direct contact.

Gift cards and Punch cards

If you do not have a gift card system in place, now is the time to create one and let your clients know that you are offering Gift Cards! Punch cards are also a great idea to offer clients. For example, you can provide a punch card with the purchase of 4 spray tans you get the 5th for free.  During this time, you can offer double punches with a single purchase. Punch cards are a great way to entice clients to re-book with you!

Spray tan Happy hour

Once all the madness has settled and the Shelter-In-Place orders have been lifted, you can guarantee that your clients and their friends will want to schedule a girls night to catch up on the latest binge-worthy shows, or toilet paper horror stories. Contact your clients that are willing to host a Spray Tan Happy Hour at their home for their girlfriends. Collect a deposit now to lock in the date and create an incentive for your host by offering them a free spray tan when bringing at least 4 (or however many) friends over. Celebrate health and happiness with this Spray Tan Happy Hour. You likely will spark some joy and give them something to look forward to!

Your clients and friends are more than likely looking for ways to support you during this hard time—all you have to do is let them know how! Keep up the positivity and stay relevant on your socials. Pop on your Instagram Live and show your clients how you are self-tanning at home or talk about YOUR favorite at-home tanning products and why. Be creative, and most of all try to have fun with this. Now is the time to get organized and set goals for the future of your business. Remember, YOU GOT THIS!