Pro Sunless Advice

How to Best Market Your Sunless Business

In today’s world, the success of many small business start-ups hinges on the company’s internet presence.  Think about it; if you were searching for a service and you couldn’t find more than an out-of-date Facebook page, or a few Yelp reviews, would you trust them to provide current services?  Probably not.  In fact, you might think of the other things in which the business might not be current.  To the consumer, a business should be current on all platforms, including the use of social media and marketing.

Free Marketing: Social media has many advantages, the biggest one being that it is free!  Use this free resource to your build your business.  If you currently have an Instagram account and you post here and there, start beefing up your use in order to gain a bigger following.  Research popular hashtags people in the industry use so you can gain traction.  Instagram also has the option to modify your account to include contact information in your ‘Bio’ section.  This makes it easy for potential clients to contact you for services.

Marketing Material: Marketing material is another effective way to attract and keep your client base.  Partner with local salons and leave your brochures at their stations, or in treatment rooms.  If you are already in a salon offering services other than spray tanning, leave rack cards about sunless tanning at the reception desk.  Hang posters as part of your salon/boutique décor, as this is also a great way to market your sunless service.  Make sure that the materials you use are trendy and current.  You can make your own materials, or purchase them through your sunless manufacturer if they offer them.  These materials will help to catch the attention of clients who might not otherwise think to go sunless.

Be a Walking Billboard:   Just as you would expect fitness trainers to practice what they teach, you should too. Use yourself as a marketing tool.  If you are marketing your sunless services, it is only going to benefit you if you use sunless yourself.  Weather you spray yourself, or use a retail line you are selling, be sure to promote products you use and genuinely love about when promoting your services.

Host a Tanning Party:  If you are just starting out in sunless, you are going to need to get people to buy into your brand before they start flocking to you for service.  A great way to “sample” out your skills and products is to host a tanning party.  Gather a few close friends and family who would love a free tan.  Use the time with them to talk about your products and show them how they work.  Once they leave, they have transformed into FREE marketing.  This is how word-of-mouth starts which is a highly effective form of marketing; watch your reputation and business grow!