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How to Mix Spray Tan Solutions

Sjolie Mixology is an endless spray tanning resource for technicians. Utilize each formula’s features like the cosmetic bronzer color, DHA percentage, and primary ingredient to create a one-of-a-kind solution that caters to your client’s wants and needs!

Mixology by Reason

Mixing Sjolie spray tan solutions is never required because our formulas are pre-blended to perfection. Still, these simple mixing guides will help you expand your knowledge and creativity in creating the ultimate spray tan for your client!There are three reasons to mix your solution, aside from creating a custom spray tan for your clients:

I LOVE mixing solutions to create a unique color for my clients

My go-to mixture is 50% Original N°9 and 50% Luxe N°9! It’s the perfect color when I’m not sure which undertone (green or purple) will look best on them. And, it’s got the perfect ratio of hydration and fast drying fee. – Mikaela at Sjolie Sunless

#1 To change the DHA percentage

Mixing solution is ideal and less costly than using a booster drop to change the DHA percentage. You may find yourself in a situation where your client needs a lighter or darker tan, but you don’t have a pre-blended formula for them on hand; not to worry! By making small changes using Sjolie Mixology, we can create a tan to meet every client’s expectations!

Mixology Rule of Thumb: Only mix 8-hour solutions with other 8-hour solutions, and only mix Rapid Rinse solutions with other Rapid Rinse Solutions.

#2 To change the cosmetic bronzer color

There are many reasons to love the customizability of spray tanning. It’s an excellent way for your clients with neutral skin tones who would otherwise be stuck in an unflattering color choice or without any! They’re getting more than just sun-kissed – they get both looks and benefits from mixing these two fabulous products! Combining formulas makes perfect sense when considering skin tones, undertones, and client preferences.

#3 To change the ingredient benefits

When you’re looking for an all-inclusive formula that will make your tan look amazing, there are two types of products to choose from. The first option is made with Aloe Vera, which can be heavy on some individuals but provides long-lasting hydration benefits. On the other hand, Alcohol-Based Solutions allow you to dress quickly and not feel like you have product absorbing into the skin. But, if you have naturally dry skin, alcohol could leave your skin feeling tight and itchy. So which one do you choose? How about both?! Mix and blend each formula to create a solution with the best of both worlds!