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Perfectly Prepped

Perfectly Prepped:

6 steps that will help your client achieve the best spray tan possible.

For your client:

  • Hydrate: Tan prep starts days before your spray tan session. Start hydrating your skin from the inside out, at least 1 week before your appointment. We suggest 8-10 glasses of water per day.
  • Moisturize: This step should also start a few days leading up to your sunless tan. Pick a rich, ultra hydrating balm and slather away! Opt for morning and night, and really focus on super dry areas of the body.
  • Wax: If your client is planning on getting waxed, it is best to do so 24-48 hours prior to their appointment. This gives their skin time to calm down and for any sticky residue to be 100% gone.
  • Shave/Exfoliate: Ideally, shaving and exfoliating should be done no more than 4 hours prior to getting a spray tan. This allows the skin to return to its normal pH level before they come to you. It is important your client exfoliates using a non-oil based exfoliant that will not leave behind any residue.


For the technician:

  • pH Balancer: Even the client who is usually prepared can have days where they skip an important step in their prep. Using a pH balancer  prior to spray tanning your client will not only give you confidence that there is no residue on their skin. This will also help their tan last almost 30% longer! There are many factors that go into leaving residue on the skin, (think band aids, deodorant, hair conditioner on their back) so we say be safe, and be sure to apply a pH balancer.
  • Barrier Cream: Applying a barrier cream will ensure even application around dry areas such as hands, feet, knees and elbows. Leave a thin white layer on the areas you apply; do not rub in completely as it will not block DHA if the barrier cream is not visible.

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