Pro Sunless Advice

How to Spray Tan

By no means is this the only way How to Spray Tan, each technician will develop their routine and technique. You will find what works best for you and as long as you are achieving good results, your method is sufficient. These are merely tips and guidelines that we’ve seen produce the best effect when using Sjolie Sunless Solutions and product.

Pre-Tan Prep

Proper client prep is the key to success during each spray tan session and especially as you learn How to Spray Tan. The FDA regulates the safety precautions you and your client partake. Your client should always wear an undergarment. If they do not wish to wear their own, be sure to provide them with disposables. They should also be offered eye protection, nose filters, and lip protectant to apply to their lips. It is essential that all mucous membranes receive proper protection. We do not recommend spraying anyone who is or potentially is, pregnant without doctor approval. We require the client to consult with a physician before receiving a sunless tan. Doctor approval also applies to anyone with any respiratory issues, severe allergies or any other medical condition. Once your client is wearing appropriate protection, spray the pH Balancer onto face and body. Our pH Balancer will cleanse and prepare the skin to receive a deep dark natural looking tan; if the build-up is present wipe the body with a clean, dry cloth or towel. After the pH Balancer is implemented, you’ll top off the pre-tan prep with our Barrier Cream. Apply the cream where you want minimal color or none at all. Common areas to apply include palms, elbows, and soles of the feet. Leave a white layer on the areas you apply; do not rub in thoroughly as it will not block DHA if the barrier cream is not visible. It is crucial the technician apply both pH Balancer and Barrier Cream to ensure the client is prepped correctly. We do not recommend the client to apply these products.

 Helpful Tips on How to Spray Tan:

  • Refrigerate pH balancer to help shock the pores and close them quickly if the client is hot or came from a workout!
  • Take an oil-based bath to get rid of an old spray tan; a great way to prepare the skin for a newly applied tan!

Solution Usage

Now that your client is prepped, it’s time to spray! A technician should use 2 oz. of solution per client. A beginner technician may use more product as they are learning technique and that is ok! Most new technicians average three oz.-4 oz. of solution per client; your usage should decrease as you become more confident in your sprays.

Helpful Tips on How to Spray Tan:

  • Based on 2oz. of solution per client, a technician will perform 15-16 tans per quart of Sjolie Solution!

Spray Technique

As you learn How to Spray Tan, you’ll begin developing your own efficient methods of application. Sjolie has found spraying vertical beginning with the legs is the best way to apply spray tanning solution. Work from panty line down to the foot (feathering off at the ankle to avoid over-saturating the foot). Spray the front of legs, sides, back of legs and inside of the thigh. From the legs, you’ll move your way up the body, working on the back, sides of the body and eventually to the chest and stomach. Lastly, you’ll spray face, hands, and feet! For detailed instruction on how to spray the Sjolie way, visit our Sjolie Youtube or check out our hands-on training instructed by our certified staff!

Helpful Tips on How to Spray Tan:

  • Are clients feet developing too dark? Don’t spray them! Use the overspray to your advantage. Overspray will fall to the ground landing on the tops of client’s feet which will provide plenty of colors.
  • Dry the client with air from your applicator after each pass! Drying the client as you go, will allow them to dress after the session is complete immediately.
  • Add finishing powder for extra comfortability. A cornstarch and baby powder mixture, during the warmer months, would be perfect and will not affect spray tan development.


Solution Application

Sjolie recommends one light coat of solution per client. Extra application passes are unnecessary and can pose an issue with your client’s spray. As you learn How Tto Spray Tan, it is important to realize the skin can only absorb so much product; therefore too much solution may cause your client to feel very tacky or wet, smudge easily, experience uneven fade or cause over. Applying multiple layers of the solution will give the client a darker color; the DHA percentage you are spraying with will not increase, you will only be adding layers of the cosmetic bronzer, which has a temporary effect. If a client wants to obtain a darker tan, we recommend using a darker solution or trying to utilize DHA Booster Drops to achieve the tan your client desires. The Sjolie way of spray; one light coat is sufficient!