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Instant Airbrush Aerosol, Sjolie’s Self-Tanning Spray

The Instant Airbrush Aerosol has newly sourced, quality ingredients to give you the perfect tan.

With naturally derived DHA Dihydroxyacetone, complimented by nourishing ingredients like Calendula and Vitamin E, Sjolie’s self-tanning spray is the ideal tanning and skincare hybrid. Sjolie’s self-tanning spray contains 8% DHA Dihydroxyacetone for medium, buildable color. All while, the cosmetic bronzers create an immediate bronzed glow that rinses away to reveal your new beautiful, natural self-tan. This tanning spray is easy to use and perfect for tanning on the go, spray tan touch-ups, and full-body at-home tanning.

You can expect some overspray when using the Instant Airbrush Aerosol self-tanning spray. To combat this, spray in well-ventilated areas. Spraying inside the shower is an excellent option, so you may use the showerhead to rinse away the product for easy cleanup. And, we recommend you utilize sticky feet, Barrier Cream, or a dark-colored bath towel to keep discoloration from the bottoms of the feet. Don’t forget to use overspray to your advantage! Allowing overspray to fall will add color to the feet, making fewer areas for you to spray and less product used.

You can use the Instant Airbrush Aerosol tanning spray on the face + body, and just like your average spray tan, you will want to avoid water for 8-hours to allow full development. To apply the self-tanning spray, make sure your skin is adequately exfoliated and cleansed. The skin should be free from lotions, perfume, makeup, and other body products that could prevent development. Keeping the bottle upright, move in circular motions wherever color is wanted. Sjolie has found circular motions create a more even application compared to long straight movements. Blend out color using the Sjolie Applicator Mitt as you see fit. The lightweight formula with our added naturally floral fragrance will have you feeling comfortable within seconds and prevent any fake tanning smell during the development period. As always, don’t forget to wash your hands after applying!

The Instant Airbrush Aerosol can be stored upright in a cool, dry place for up to 8-months. It’s essential to keep your bottles upright to avoid clogging. Wipe the aerosol tip after each use to prevent the buildup that could cause uneven application. If your product becomes clogged or reaches the auto-shutoff point, run your bottle tip through hot water and allow it to sit for a few seconds. Doing so will loosen the spray passage and will enable you to continue with your application.