Product Knowledge

Luxe N°12 – Violet Spray Tan Solution

Are you looking for the perfect dark chocolate spray tan color? SJOLIE’s Luxe No. 12 Professional Spray Tan Solution is the way to go!

This violet solution contains 12% DHA and creates a beautiful dark brown color that is fast drying when applied to the skin. The Luxe No. 12 has an alcohol base, which is excellent for clients who don’t like the heavier feeling (usually caused by the hydrating ingredients) of a spray tan on their skin during processing. Customers love that they can get dressed almost immediately after their spray and the lasting power (about seven days) when following proper aftercare.

What skin tones to use with Luxe N°12

SJOLIE recommends using the Luxe No. 12 with neutral or warm undertones, most commonly found in skin types IV and V. We do not recommend using the Luxe line on clients who are extremely fair or have cool undertones since the violet color can emphasize the red in their skin or make them appear ashy. But, if you’re unsure what undertone the client has or find yourself questioning whether or not this solution will compliment them nicely, try mixing 50% of the Luxe line with 50% of the Original line for a healthy combo of each color.

How to use this solution

We recommend using 2 ounces and spraying with the Sjolie Spray Tan Method to apply this solution. Our application tips will guarantee you a flawless finish! It’s important to remember not to spray several layers of the solution (only one is necessary) and always prep the skin with Barrier Cream and pH Balancer.

The Luxe No. 12 has a minimum processing time of 8 hours before the initial rinse. Wearing this solution longer than this won’t pose any problems to your tan; because it contains only 12% DHA, it cannot develop any darker. Wearing it less may result in a lighter tan than expected. However, we don’t suggest wearing it longer than 24 hours for hygienic purposes. While the solution is processing, avoid all contact with water, sweating, skin-to-skin contact, friction, or excessive rubbing. These mentioned can pose a serious threat to even the development of the spray tan!

When ready to rinse, rinse quickly in lukewarm water without any soaps. We like to call this the “bird bath.” When exiting the shower, pat dry, do not rub, or you’ll surely rub away your fresh color. You can shower with spray-tan-safe soaps 24 hours after the tan.

Aftercare to prolong a Luxe tan

Luxe No. 12 is convenient for its quick dry formula, but this alcohol blend can feel dry on the skin, so it’s essential to follow a quality aftercare regimen! Do your diligence in educating the client about the importance of moisturizing regularly. We suggest applying the Body Renew Moisturizer every AM for added hydration and the Tan Extend Lotion (contains 2% DHA) every evening to improve hydration and enhance your spray tan color. And don’t forget to use the Sjolie Body Wash daily for a hydrated, cleansing experience. These products are specially designed to hydrate, nourish, and improve the life of your spray tan without compromising your beautiful sunless color. Unlike over-the-counter products, these formulas don’t contain harsh, stripping ingredients that can cause uneven or premature fading.