Pro Sunless Advice

Maintaining a strong business during slow times

Hey, Spray Babe! Congratulations on rocking your busy season and making your clientele beautifully bronzed! With the warmer months fading way faster than our base tan, your fully booked schedule may be looking a little bare. Have no fear! These slower months are an excellent time to incorporate some fun, new promotions to thank your current clientele, as well as a crucial time to spruce up your advertising techniques to get some new names in your book!

Take this time to regroup and get yourself prepped and ready for next summer!


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Everyone loves an excellent giveaway, am I right? This is a unique way to give back to your clients and a great way to boost your appointments in the final months of the year!

Giveaway Idea – Lucky Winner Giveaway!

For the remainder of 2019, offer your clients a promotion that will have them booking in the months of November and December for a chance to win a FREE spray tan in 2020. For every appointment scheduled until the end of the year, place that customers’ name into a random drawing, whether that be electronically with an online name generator or however you please. Once the year is over, and all names are entered, pick one (or two), lucky winners, to come back in the new year for a complimentary spray tan. Your clients will be booking like crazy for the chance to win!


  • Set a time limit as to when they can redeem their free spray tan. This will ensure they are returning in a timely manner and you can plan accordingly for the service
  • Make sure to clarify if they are allowed to enter more than once and specify how they can get more entries (purchasing a retail item at the time of spray tan, referring a friend who books an appointment, sharing a post on Instagram, etc.)
  • Ensure you specify what kind of spray tan they qualify for if you offer different spray services.

Giveaway Idea – Follower Appreciation Giveaway

An excellent way for you to boost your followers on social media during the slow season is to do a giveaway! Simply post on either your business Instagram or Facebook page a giveaway announcement to your followers instructing them to share your original giveaway post to their personal social media, and tag 3 of their friends! Be sure to make your giveaway enticing so that you get more entries! You can offer whichever service you would like, whether it be a free spray tan, a spray tan package, or retail package…get your followers pumped up for this! This marketing strategy costs little to none, and it opens you up to booking with new clients! Your business will spread like wildfire!


Cold months mean one thing… dry skin. It is essential to remind your clients to keep their skin hydrated, especially during winter. This is a perfect time to push your SJOLIE retail products. Make your clients aware that due to colder weather and drier skin, their spray tan can fade much faster than during warmer months, which is why they need your retail products more than ever. This is also a great time to re-introduce the products to clients that haven’t made a retail purchase before. By having a sale, it can entice clients to try out new products or to stock up. Either way, it’s a win-win for you.

Ways to get retail products in your client’s hands:

  • BOGO deals (buy one, get one 50% off)
  • Gift set bundle (tan extend, body wash, sugar scrub) for a discounted price

The slow season can be draining and dull; however, know that with the proper approach, this time of year can be very beneficial to your sunless business! Use the tools around you to your advantage, and don’t be afraid to mix it up to get those clients through the door!

Good Luck and Happy Tanning!