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Product Highlight: Ultra One – Rapid Tan

With its quick dry formula, and the ability to choose your own developing time, it’s no wonder this exclusive concoction has been deemed the “famous one hour tan”. Designed with the busy- or perhaps procrastinating- client in mind, Sjolie’s Ultra One is the perfect option for the person who needs to rinse off their tan in 4 hours or less.

Depending on your clients desired color and their skin type, shower times will vary. For a breakdown of how this works, click here.  We do not recommend leaving this product on for more than 4 hours due to its rapid developing abilities. Do not spray heavily around dry areas such as wrists, heels, knees and elbows, as this can give you a less than perfect result.

It is important to understand that this product still takes 8 hours to fully develop, even though it can be rinsed off before. Make sure your client knows this, and understands that feeling like they do not have a lot of color post rinse, is normal. Remind them that color will continue to develop even though the top bronzer has been washed away. Typically, clients will pay more for the luxury of an Ultra One tan. The price of service ranges anywhere from $40-$60. We recommend pricing this tan $5-$10 higher then your regular tanning services.

We know you and your clients will absolutely love the Ultra One! If you haven’t tried it, shop samples here Happy Tanning!

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