Product Knowledge

Original N°9 – The Most Universal Spray Tan Color

One of our most popular solutions is SJOLIE Original N°9! This solution is perfect for individuals seeking a natural sun-kissed glow. With 9% DHA, it creates a medium golden-brown color that suits a range of clients year-round. Formulated with Aloe Vera, it also provides extra hydration, resulting in improved longevity of the tan (approximately ten days with proper care).

Suitable Skin Tones for Original N°9

SJOLIE recommends using Original N°9 on medium complexions with cool or neutral undertones, typically found in skin types II and III. However, feel free to use this solution on Skin Type I individuals who have a base tan during the summer months or on Skin Types IV and V individuals who lack base color in the cooler seasons. The golden-brown development of the tan complements the pink and red undertones commonly found in these skin types. If a client experiences a yellow or orange undertone, we recommend a 50/50 mixture of Original N°9 and Luxe No.9 to balance the tone for their specific skin tone.

What sets Original N°9 and Luxe N°9 apart?

The Original Line, known for its olive (green) undertones, is designed to create a beautiful golden tan. With an aloe vera base, it provides hydration and enhances the longevity of your tan. This line is particularly well-suited for individuals with cool skin tones that naturally have more pink and red undertones. Additionally, the Original N°9 contains walnut extract, which contributes to a temporary brown color that rinses away with the first shower.

On the other hand, the Luxe formulas feature violet undertones, resulting in a deep brown tan. These formulas have an alcohol base, which provides a quick-dry experience and a comfortable feel upon application. The Luxe line is perfect for individuals with warm skin tones that naturally have more yellow or orange undertones. Primarily utilizing caramel colorants, these formulas deliver immediate results.

Whether you choose the Original N°9 with its olive undertones and aloe vera base, or the Luxe N°9 with its violet undertones and quick-dry alcohol base, both lines are carefully crafted to cater to different skin tones, ensuring a stunning tan that enhances your natural beauty.

Processing Times And Rinse 

The Original N°9 requires a minimum processing time of 8 hours before the initial rinse. Wearing the solution for longer than 8 hours won’t result in a darker tan, as it contains only 9% DHA. However, wearing it for less time may result in a lighter tan. We do not recommend wearing it longer than 24 hours for hygienic reasons.

During the processing time, it’s crucial to avoid water contact, sweating, skin-to-skin contact, friction, or excessive rubbing, as they can affect the even development of the spray tan.

When it’s time to rinse, quickly rinse off with lukewarm water without using any soaps. We refer to this as the “bird bath.” After showering, gently pat dry instead of rubbing, as rubbing may remove the fresh color. You can use spray-tan-safe soaps 24 hours after the tan.


While the Original N°9 blend contains nourishing ingredients to prolong the spray tan, aftercare remains essential. Educate your clients about the importance of regular moisturizing. We recommend applying the Body Renew Moisturizer every morning for added hydration and the Tan Extend Lotion (containing 2% DHA) every evening to enhance hydration and prolong the spray tan color. Additionally, use the Sjolie Body Wash daily for a hydrated, cleansing experience. These products are specially formulated to nourish and hydrate the skin, improving the lifespan of the spray tan without compromising its color. Unlike over-the-counter products, our formulas do not contain harsh, stripping ingredients that can lead to uneven or premature fading.