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Can you spray tan pregnant women?

One of the most commonly asked questions “Can my client receive a spray tan if she is pregnant?”. And the answer is generally yes. Sjolie solutions are Paraben Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and contain naturally derived ingredients making them relatively safe for anyone to use! However, when it comes to spray tanning clients experiencing significant hormonal changes and DNA-altering treatments, the technician and client need to do their homework and follow the appropriate protocol to stay safe and glowing.

Always follow protocol

  1. Provide the client with Ingredient Lists & assign them their homework
  2. Educate them on the possible negative effects of tanning while pregnant
  3. Take extra precautions during the service and provide protection

Hormones can cause some wild side effects that are emphasized by spray tans. Remember, and share with your clients that hormones can cause DHA to develop differently than they might typically experience.

When booking the client for a spray tan,  provide the ingredient list for each product you will use during their service. If it is their first visit to you, we would suggest supplying ingredients to all of the products you carry (to be safe). The client should be able to identify any red flag ingredients that their Doctor has told them to avoid. Most importantly, the client should forward all ingredient lists to their Doctor for final approval before attending the appointment.

Clients can find the ingredients of each product via the Sjolie Product page, or technicians can contact our Support Team for a full PDF list of ingredients for any and all Sjolie products!

For your and the client’s safety at the spray tan appointment, you must protect all mucus membranes from exposure to spray tan solution and have necessary air filtration. You can read about government regulations on the FDA Website. For your spray tan appointments, you will need: 

  • A fan filter to reduce and remove overspray from the air 
  • Nose Filters for the client to avoid inhaling the product 
  • Disposable undergarments if the client has not brought their own
  • Lip Balm or Barrier Cream to protect the lips from the product 
  • A Technician Face Mask to prevent inhaling overspray
If your client is currently breastfeeding, do not spray tan the nipple. And spray the chest with caution, breastfeeding while the tan develops will cause color transfer to the baby so we recommend a disposable bra or top of choice.

A quality aftercare regimen will be crucial with any spray tan service! Your client should take home, at minimum, a spray-tan safe Body Wash & Tan Extender that they can use every day to help the spray tan look fabulous and extend the life of their color. We recommend the Sjolie Body Wash and Tan Extend. If hormones are causing havoc on their skin, you may need to suggest using the Tan Extend at night and incorporating the Body Renew Moisturizer in the AM for added hydration.