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Apollo ECO-2 Mighty Mist



  • HVLP system with QT Quiet technology for quiet operation
  • Pre-Set T5020 applicator with 8 oz. solution cup
  • 14 ft lightweight hose with quick connect technology
  • Matte black design with luggage style handle for transportation (17 lbs)
  • Attached docking station
  • 2 year turbine / 6 month applicator manufacture provided warranty

Product Description


This machine is ideal for a salon setting or a tanning business that is not primarily mobile. The turbine is designed to accommodate a large volume of clients, at a suggested 50 tans per day; the first of its kind offered as a QT Quiet Technology Noise Reducing system. The Mighty Mist is designed for a quieter and more precise performance, its boxy design helps to absorb the unnecessary noise and quietly disperse sound through the strategically placed filters. This turbine operates at 76 decibels, making it almost as quiet as a conversation and much quieter than the average food blender (90 dba) or hair dryer(85 dba).The Mighty Mist has an all-new, sleek design with matte black case and black micro-foam filters for easy maintenance. The turbine also has a built in docking station to safely hold and store your applicator when not in use. To top it off, the Mighty Mist features the advanced technology Variable Speed Control which makes contouring a breeze. The variable speed control will help adjust the volume of air pushed through your applicator, move from low to high pressure for different spray techniques or technician preference!

  • HVLP QT Quiet technology turbine
  • Sleek new design ideal for salon settings, weighing 17 lbs
  • Adjustable speed-control
  • Quick connect technology



The upgraded applicator has stainless steel fluid pieces which allow for a more precise application of solution and is designed to break the solution down into tiny particles at the time of application. This atomization supports a more evenly distributed, flawless result. The T5020 applicator also features a protected handle grip that is always cool to the technician’s touch. Technicians can choose to spray in three different patterns; spot contouring, vertical or horizontal with the adjustable spray pattern and fluid nozzle.

  • Lightweight-alloy design
  • Stainless steel design for a flawless application and easy maintenance
  • 3-fan adjustable spray patterns with adjustable fluid nozzle
  • 8 oz. bottom fed solution cup


3 reviews for Apollo ECO-2 Mighty Mist

  1. Lindsey

    Had this machine for over 2 years now and it has not given me any issues. The only thing I have to make sure I do is clean the gun and it runs all the time

  2. Brandy

    It was a no-brainer for us to upgrade to the mighty mist. I have had two apollo machines in the past and they are always reliable and consistent. Great combo (Apollo + Sjolie)

  3. Shelli

    Was worried about the weight of this machine but it isn’t too heavy….the spray is nice with the stainless steel applicator.

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