Extraction Fan Filter Cover


A high-quality filter designed specifically for sunless over spray control. This item is a filter ONLY, fan not included.

  • Takes in unfiltered air and provides clean air throughout your entire room
  • Comes complete with one pleated home air filter
  • Helps to remove over-spray from the air during your spray tan sessions
  • Fan cover fits a 20 x 20 box fan.
  • Velcro and adhesive attachments for easy setup and removal
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Out of stock


Incorporating an extraction system into your sunless spray routine is beneficial for both you and your clients. The extraction system ensures the air is safe and clean for you and your client, and aids in reducing the amount of spray tan mist landing on walls, furniture, clothing and other surfaces.

Why choose this filter?

At Sjolie Sunless, we sell an innovative filtration material called PollenTEC. PollenTEC has been certified by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and has been tested and certified in a hospital setting for its effectiveness in capturing up to 100% of air borne particles. This filter is made with 100%, high grade polyester and is designed with three stages of filtration for higher dust retention. We pair the filter with fan prior to shipping, as the two together will create a highly effective extraction system with the filter being the chief component.

Caring for your filter

The filter is easily cleaned by simply hosing it off, or in the dishwasher – just be sure to turn off the heated dry option. Clean your filter once a week or when solution buildup is noticeable


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