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Instant Self Tan Bronzing Spray

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An easy to use facial and full body self-tanning spray perfect for any skin tone. Instant Airbrush contains 8% DHA and 100% premium color correcting ingredients. Our instant Airbrush Self-Tanner utilizes our rich organic blend to craft an ideal cosmetic bronzer perfect for anyone looking to achieve a streak-free on-the-go glow.

  • 100% Vegan (Approved by the Peta foundation)
  • Made from only naturally derived ingredients
  • Paraben free and Erythrulose free
  • Designed as a facial and full body self-tanner
  • MSRP: $40.00


The Instant Airbrush Aerosol is temporarily discontinued, we’ll be sure to announce its return as soon as a date is available -XO, Sjolie

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Product Description


  • Walnut Shell Extract- provides fresh and natural toned bronze color to our self-tanning products
  • Aloe Vera– soothing properties, hydration, and antioxidant qualities
  • Calendula– stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties make it an excellent ingredient to combat free-radicals

Deionized Water, Dimethyl Ether, Denatured Alcohol, Naturally Derived Dihydroxyacetone, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Ethoxydiglycol, Walnut Shell Extract, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Chamomile Extract, Calendula Extract, Tocopheral Acetate, Citric Acid, Fragrance


Hold the applicator 5-6 inches away from the skin wherever color is desired. Mist in circular motions for even application. Blend with mitt or microfiber pad as needed. Allow 6-8 hours before showering for full development. Thoroughly wash hands after application. Wipe applicator tip after each use.

28 reviews for Instant Self Tan Bronzing Spray

  1. Angela Harper

    Loved it! Last about a week and smells better than most of the stuff out there! Pretty natural summer tan!

  2. Stacy Day

    If you are a first time spray tanner this is a product that is easy to see as it goes on. I would recommend this for everyone

  3. Ava E.

    I like this tanner because it is quick and easy to use. I just spray it on. No rubbing is necessary, which I really love!

  4. Lisa L.

    I don’t like to tan my entire body even though I’m a technician… but I like to have color in my face for the marketability of it all. This gives me a more fresh and lively healthy sunkissed look that I can wear anytime of the year. I always get compliments. I have an olive complication.

  5. Rachel Morrr

    Best colored spray. My skin tends to go orange with all self tanners but not this one.

  6. Harper D.

    I have tried every fake tan spray and this is the only one that looks natural on my skin. I have fair to medium skin and I use the medium every other day. It hides all my little imperfections, dry fast and is very easy to spray on.

  7. Jen Nanders

    Great self tanner! No streaks, great color! Would highly recommend this product.

  8. Ashley P.

    I use this as directed. It is by far the best spray tan out there! I did not turn orange. The color is subtle and easy to control.

  9. Abigail W.

    This spray gives you a really nice coco color tan. Not orangy like most:) It doesn’t smell bad like some of the others. Works great for a quick dose of color so you can wear shorts:)

  10. Grace J.

    I like the even application that I get with this product, I usually follow up with a small amount of sunless tan moisturizer to help blend it just to ensure an even distribution.

  11. Marie

    Easy to use; do not have to rub after spraying; very subtle results; pleasant smell.

  12. Addison R.

    It’s easy to spray and works overnight but it makes my face feel very dry even though I put on moisturizer an hour after applying. The odor is not pleasant so I use the fan to keep fresh air moving as not to inhale. The color is natural and I like the convenience as I don’t get much sun on my face.

  13. Reagan A.

    I found this self tanner to be the best fit for me and everyone i spray. Love the violet tone that cancels out the orange color a lot of sprays have. Goes on well, and lasts!

  14. Heather K.

    This product is the best tanning product on the market. I have tried so many and they either stain or make you look orange. Just wish the can was bigger.

  15. Olivia N.

    I have very fair skin and skin cancer runs in the family so I’ve given up on tanning beds for my health. I read lots of reviews and found this product seemed to work well for others (especially for the price) so I thought I’d give it a shot. I purchased the 5 pack (4 extra to sell to my spray tan customers) and got a great even NATURAL looking tan. However I did apply more than one coat.

  16. Abbey A.

    I use this product about twice a week. I shower and exfoliate prior to use. Then I apply lotion to my elbows, knees, and armpits (because self tanner can turn odd colors in your underarms). Then I spray evenly all over my body. Don’t get too close with it. I am very fair skinned so I am not looking for a deep bronze when I use self tanner. This product leaves me with an even glow that looks natural and subtle. I use the deep (3) color.

  17. Jean G.

    I use this a lot for my face and arms (things that always show). If you use on whole body probably would get 2 body sprays per can. It dries fast. If you are worried about not being able to see it as you spray it you can just spray on smaller sections then rub it in – I do this a lot and do not get streaks ever.

  18. Beth C.

    I spray this on after I shower. It’s easy to spray all over when using it correctly, 6 inches away from you. I love to use it on my legs for a quick bronze before work. The color is nice. It is slightly sticky and I feel like it doesn’t last after showering. I still love how convenient it is to use though. I didn’t feel the need to rub it in after applying and I do a quick spray on my face before I apply make up

  19. Harper Q.

    Easy to use. Has a Bronze tone, not orangey at all!

  20. Victoria S.

    I swear by this item.Store bought spray tanners are so expensive and this one is a really fair price and works great. No streaks and no blotches I am very satisfied

  21. Olivia P.

    One of the best I’ve tried…..and I’ve tried ALOT!!

  22. Willow U.

    I use it weekly for a healthy natural looking tan.

  23. Leah P.

    Love the bronze finish. Its quick and did not create a mess at all. Might sound too good to be true but I definitely recommend this product. I’ve never used a do it yourself tanner so I read a lot of the reviews before the purchase.

  24. Ellie A.

    To get best results don’t spray close, try to aim a fine mist… I get in the tub and do it! Comes out nice and even no splash or drip marks! Takes a little practice : )

  25. Heather Fuentes (verified owner)

    This product has come in handy all summer. If I need a quick touch up this is my best friend

  26. Jenaveve (verified owner)

    I love this product!! It’s better than any other sunless spray I’ve tried. It has more of a brown color, rather than the typical “orange.”

  27. abbybowman83

    Have you tried Norvell’s face mist? How does this compare? Thanks!

  28. Jennifer M.

    Norvell and Sjolie aerosol are hard to be compared as the Norvell brand uses unapproved ingredients by the FDA (Erythrulose) for human use, whereas SJOLIE only uses naturally derived and approved ingredients. The color finish should be similar as both will give a very natural brown / tan look without oranging.

  29. abbybowman83

    There isn’t a DHA that has been approved for spraying yet by the FDA is there? Only lotion variants? Do you have any before and after pics of the mist? Thanks for the help and info!

  30. Melissa ValenZuela

    Does this wash off when you shower ?

  31. Derek Miller

    The Instant Self-Tan Bronzing Spray contains a light cosmetic bronzer which will rinse away in the initial shower to expose the developed tan! The developed tan will last for days, depending on the client’s at-home care regimen.

  32. victoria streza

    How long does the tan last?

  33. Michael Sjolie

    7 to 10 days with proper care.

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