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Sunless Protective Feet


Pack of 10 disposable Sunless Protective Feet.

Our disposable Sunless Protective Feet will Stick and protect the bottom of your feet from any DHA penetration.  This is a quick and easy way to keep your customers safe from unnatural tanning of the feet!

Out of stock

Out of stock

  • Sticky soles allow attaching to your feet comfortably, without any pain when removing.
  • Once used, simply throw away!
  • Extra strong stick surface to guarantee that the sunless protective feet will stay on the soles of your feet with our sticky surface.

4 reviews for Sunless Protective Feet

  1. Lisamarie

    These are great sticky feet. I have tried many other brands and some off amazon but these are far better.

  2. Brittney Leen

    Clients love not having that awkward color on the bottoms of their feet. its nice that they dont come off from the solution or sweat.

  3. Kasey Smith

    These sticky feet are really sticky, but relatively inexpensive and do their job.

  4. Laraine S

    They work great for exactly what I need them for. I recommend to anyone who runs a tanning business or like to be sprayed!

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