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Rapid Spray Tan Solution

We have all received a text from a client that reads: “SOS: I need a spray tan and I can’t shower in 8-hours.” Before your client panics, assure them that a Rapid Tan is an option! Offering express or rapid services are an excellent way for you to customize your spray tan menu, and as a bonus to you, you’re able to increase your service price because of the increased cost of the product.

But with all good things, there is always a catch. Like when your client forgets to do the initial rinse in the time, you instructed. We are going to take a closer look at Sjolie’s Ultra-One and LUXE Ultra-Violet Solutions so you and your client can achieve the best results!

Selecting a Rapid Solution

Rapid formulas contain a very high amount of DHA and sometimes cosmetic bronzer; this overload of DHA allows your client to rinse quickly, and still achieve the great color of their choice. A rapid solution will cater to a range of skin tones, from fair to dark; your shower time will ultimately affect the color outcome.

Both of Sjolies rapid formulas, Ultra-One and LUXE-Ultra are alcohol-based solutions and will dry instantly, which will allow your clients to dress immediately and feel comfortable as the solution develops. The differences:

Ultra-One Rapid Spray Tan Solution has olive undertones and is perfect for any clients that have a red, pink, or cool undertone to their natural skin tone. Ultra-One will develop into a beautiful golden tan shade

LUXE Ultra-Violet Rapid Spray Tan Solution is excellent for clients who have a yellow or golden natural undertone to their skin. The LUXE-Ultra will develop into a gorgeous deep brown color.

*You also have the option to mix these solutions to create a custom blend! Be sure to only mix these rapids with themselves and not an 8-hour developing solution.

Processing Times

Processing times are critical; now, repeat this to your clients until you have engraved it into their brain! Abiding by the Rapid Tan processing times is what is going to make or break your client’s spray tan. Before spraying your client, discuss the desired shade they would like to achieve and ask them what they have planned for the next 4 hours. If your client says that they will be out and about running errands, they could quickly lose track of time and forget they need to rinse! Walk your clients through the Rapid Tan process.  When your client leaves the appointment, it is up to him or her to complete the required rinse in the allotted shower-time. Once you have both confirmed that a Rapid Tan is the best option, look at the clock and start your time.

After 2 hours, the solution will develop to a 6% (light blend). Three hours will give your client a 9% (medium blend), and 4 hours will develop to a 12% (dark blend). Your client never wants to leave the Rapid Solution on any longer than 5 hours. It is essential to set the rinse time for your client. Do not give them an option. For example, if your client wants to have a medium glow, let them know they must rinse at 3 to 3.5 hours. It is also best to text your clients to remind them when they need to clean as an extra precaution!

Rapid Rinse, How DHA works

You must explain DHA development to your clients; DHA can continue to develop up to 24-hours post-application. It is wise to tell your clients during their appointment that they may not see a fully developed color until 24-hours after their tan. If your client sends you a text right after they have rinsed to let you know they do not see any color, remind them that this can happen. We recommend waiting until 24-hours post-spray tan to work out any refunds or re-sprays if your client is unhappy; more times than not, your client will see the tan has developed to the shade they desired after waiting for the entire 24-hours.

Consequences of ignoring Solution Instructions

You will often hear technicians allowing clients to sleep in rapid-rinse solutions, great for them, but this may be a liability if you’re unfamiliar with the product, client, and basic knowledge of DHA. Because Rapid Solutions contain a higher reacting DHA, the DHA can quickly overdevelop to an unnatural shade when the solution is not rinsed within 2-5 hours. What does this mean? Your client may say they look orange or have “scales” from uneven fading. To avoid these circumstances, we always encourage you to recommend the directed shower times to your clients.

For clients who are receiving their services in the afternoon or who like sleeping in a solution, always suggest a darker 8-hour developing formula before a Rapid Solution. Using an 8-hour developing solution is more economical for both you and your client.

The key to "rapid" success

Communication between you and your client is so essential, especially when services include time-sensitive instruction. It establishes trust and sets your client up for success. Not vocalizing proper prep and post tan rituals can lead to more work for yourself, and your client. So, be sure to send those reminder texts and follow-up messages, and discuss with your clients about their spray tan preparation and at-home care routines to ensure everyone is educated and happy with their services!

Are you interested in trying our Rapid solutions? Have questions? Check out the LUXE Ultra-Violet & Ultra-One on our website, or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy (Rapid) Tanning! ?