General Return Policy

Most products and equipment are valid for return or exchange within 30 days from the day you receive your products via delivery confirmation date. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase delivery, your order is outside our return policy date and are no longer eligible for return.

Purchase Agreement – When completing an order via our website or by phone, you at this moment agree to the following terms:

  • 1.) All product and equipment returns are assessed a 25% restocking fee regardless if unused as we are unable to sell as a new product once it leaves our warehouse, and is forced to be used as a sample product for non-profit.
  • 2.) Customers are required to pay all shipping fees for returning products, and return labels are not available. Customer will provide or purchase their shipping label.
  • 3.) We offer sample sizes to test before ordering larger quantities. Therefore all quarts and gallon purchases cannot be returned for performance issues. We recommend you sample the product line before ordering larger professional sizes.
  • 4.) If you return an item that was shipped with “free shipping,” the original shipping amount will be deducted from the total refund.
  • 5.) All opened items void our return policy and cannot be returned. To be eligible for a replacement or refund: Bottles must contain a protective seal on the top of the bottle without any tampering of any sort and Bottles must be undamaged and in a “resell” condition. The restock fee will still apply.

To submit for a refund, replacement of damaged or wrong items sent, complete the Return Request Form HERE.

General Order Issues

Select the title below which best represents the issue you are experiencing with your purchase.

  • What if my product is damaged?

    We apologize your package was damaged upon delivery. We request detailed photos of the packaging your product was received in, along with any damaged bottles and products (dents, leaks, cracks, etc.). Please be sure labels and caps are visible in your photos. Do not discard the damaged products; we ask all orders to be returned to Sjolie Sunless in the condition the package was received. Tampering with the product can affect your return, refund, or replacement options.

    Please visit this FORM, and select one of the bottom two options depending on which applies. We’ll process your claim with evidence as soon as possible depending on your selected resolution.

  • What if my package shows ``Delivered`` , but I cannot find it at my location?

    If your courier tracking number status shows as “delivered,” the package has been physically scanned and left on the doorstep, place of business, or with a resident of the address. Couriers are unable to update a package’s status to delivered without an end point of delivery, GPS, and scanning the box.

    For further details on where and when your package was delivered, you may contact the courier and speak with a representative for additional information. You may be required to open a claim form which will take up to 72 business hours for updates.

    If you are unable to locate your package after further investigation, we may need to assume your package was stolen from your location and therefore is not the responsibility of Sjolie Sunless to replace or refund this order. Just like as if someone steals any other property you might own, the manufacturer is not liable for this theft took place.

    If your package has been taken, immediately file a claim with the courier. We recommend doing so via the website or by phone with a representative. You will be provided with a claim number to access updates regarding your shipment claim.

    Sjolie is not responsible for replacements or refunds of missing packages.

    Recipients should remember –

    • Check surrounding areas; some couriers will place your package behind a flower pot, furniture, or back doors if they feel like it needs to be hidden.
    • If you have a community mailbox; check for a Key in your box that might lead to opening a larger dropbox storing your package.
    • Contact the building manager to see if the package has been delivered to the central office instead of a specific unit or appt number.
    • Check with neighbors in case the package has been mistakenly left at the wrong address
    • Contact the mailing service company to open a claim and request delivery details from the route driver.
  • What if a product is missing from my order?

    We apologize if an item is missing from your order. To start the replacement process,  file a claim here. 

    Once your claim is received, we will review your scanned package weight, and compare a mock-up of the same package at our warehouse.  All weights listed on the couriers tracking page is the weighed-in package size upon arriving at their location. If the scanned weight is less than our mock-up package, we are then able to confirm the items are genuinely missing in which we can complete the replacement process immediately.

    Sjolie Sunless will not replace “missing product” if the package indicates accurate shipping and receiving weight.