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How to price your Retail Products

Whether you are a seasoned spray tan technician or exploring the idea of a sunless business, it is essential to offer spray tan safe retail products. Our clients are walking billboards for our businesses; carrying spray tan safe retail will increase your monthly profits and ensure clients use products that improve their overall spray tan experience

Improving your monthly profits is a no-brainer – and given a choice to have a gorgeous lasting tan vs. a short-lived mediocre tan should be a no-brainer decision for your clients. Customers will feel confident committing to your high-quality products so long as you believe in what you’re selling!

What are spray tan safe products? Sjolie retail products are made with quality ingredients safe to use with spray tans and DHA, unlike over-the-counter products. Sjolie is gluten-free, paraben-free, and contains Vitamins A, C, & E for added skincare benefits. Sjolie formulates products without harsh sulfates, alcohols, and oils often found in over-the-counter products, which is detrimental to a spray tan. These ingredients will often cause pre-mature fading by slowly exfoliating away sunless color. With Sjolie product, rest assured our nourishing ingredients will care for your tan by infusing the skin with hydration and DHA

Check out our resources or inquire with our service team about our available training options for an in-depth product knowledge experience. Get started and check out these product highlights:

Sjolie retail products are priced competitively for professional buyers so that pros can reach a 100% return on their product sales! Refer to Sjolie’s suggested retail values when pricing your products for resale. These suggested prices are 100% markup for your business but allow a bit of wiggle room if you feel your location or clientele type may be hesitant to commit to boutique products.

Helpful tips for selling retail products

Pitch the benefits: Assess the reason for the spray tan service and ask your clients questions about getting their spray tan so you can adequately educate them on the importance of a particular retail item. Educate your client and explain the pros of using this retail product and the cons they may experience otherwise.

Example: The client is going on a beach vacation

Sjolie Tan Extend & Skin Perfecting Lotion can offer this client many benefits, which will prolong the life of the spray tan and add a touch of color as the sand, salt-water, and chlorine begins to deplete the vibrance of the spray tan. These products will provide added hydration so slow cell turnover and uneven fading while DHA adds a small amount of color, so you’re picture perfect the entire trip!

Example: The Client has dehydrated skin

It’s essential to prep for your spray tan with the Sjolie Sugar Scrub because it will gently remove dead skin cells and create a fresh canvas for DHA to adhere to and help the tan last longer. In conjunction with the Sugar Scrub, it’s important to moisturize using a quality body cream twice a day. Sjolie’s Body Renew Moisturizer will add the extra hydration your skin needs for a healthy and vibrant appearance.

Want to know more about how to get started with Sjolie Retail? Reach out to our Customer Service department at 1-888-495-6064 and ask one of our awesome team members any questions you have!