Pro Sunless Advice

Spray Tan Additives

Additive Creativity and Upselling

Additives are a secret weapon which will complement your solution and enhance the client’s experience during a sunless session. With a wide range of additives offered, the possibilities are endless to create a custom tan for each client.

Shimmer and Scent additive

Sjolie Solutions are unscented and fragrance-free which makes it fun for the technician and client to customize the spray tan with one of our scented additives. Shimmer drops are another unique way to personalize your services. Our Golden and Opalescent Shimmer Drops will provide a glowing effect to the skin day of session and can be mixed with distilled water as a treatment of their own. As a technician, you can also retail additives to your clientele for use at home. Mix the Shimmers or Scents into daily moisturizers and lotions for an everyday benefit. You can even use the shimmers as a facial highlight or mix with a tinted moisturizer for a dewy finish.

Treatment additive

Sjolie also offers additives that are more beneficial for the skin, Anti-Aging and Skin Firming. The Anti-Aging additive will prevent and reduce the skin’s aging process by tightening wrinkles, giving the surface a youthful and refreshing look. You can prolong its Anti-Aging benefits by using our Tan Extender Lotion; this retail item has identical ingredients making for the same results. Our Skin-Firming Drops, formerly know as Slimming Drops, are designed for toning and tightening the skin for a smoother and more firm skin appearance,  ideal for areas with scaring or cellulite. Both additives can be mixed with distilled water as a standalone service or incorporate with a daily lotion for at-home application. When clients hear that they can add an additive to an everyday moisturizer, it becomes a major selling point!

Pricing your additive

Additives are often used as an upsell tool for sunless services. Technicians, on average, charge an additional $3.00 to $5.00 for these customizations. You can also offer this to new clientele or people who purchase a sunless package you provide. Remember, all these additives are a great way to provide custom and unique spray tan experience for your client, don’t be afraid to include these complimentary with every service and set yourself apart from your local competition!