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Spray Tan Artist Safety

Mobile spray tans are a considerable portion of our industry! People love the convenience of the service coming to them and allowing them to stay in their homes. After operating a mobile business, you will soon build a clientele that will feel like family; however, every person begins as a new client, and meeting these people can often be intimidating. We expect those reaching out to us to have the best intentions, but this isn’t always the case, so it’s essential to prioritize your safety when you’re meeting strangers for the first time at an unknown location. To help mobile artists stay safe, Sjolie provides a few pointers to help you stay in tune with your surroundings and trust your gut!


Do you have any additional safety precautions that you take? Be sure to share them with your fellow spray tan artists and us! We build a stronger community by working together and keeping each other safe! If you have any questions or want to discuss any additional topics we can share, give us a call or email us!

Tip #1

Do your Research

It doesn't hurt to google your client and schedule a call to discuss their tanning goals before accepting the appointment request. Get a feel for the client's skin type and what they want to achieve from a spray tan, plus use this opportunity to confirm they are who they say! At the end of the day, you'll show up to the appointment better prepared, knowing what products you need to have with you and who you will be meeting.
Tip #3

Scope out your location

Never bring all of your supplies to the door on your first trip. Take with you something that can easily be replaced, like your Extraction Fan or Spray Tan Tent, to meet the client and inspect our spray location. We do not recommend taking your machine because it is much more costly to replace if you have to make a quick exit for any reason.
Ask your client to show you where to set up the appointment and discuss anything you need, like a better-suited room if the space is too small. This is a great opportunity to feel out the area and your client. And if you feel safe with the person and space, return to your car for the rest of your equipment, and show your new client what a fantastic spray tan service is! Remember always to trust your instincts – if your gut is telling you to go, take or leave what you have, come into the home with an exit to ``get your remaining things``. Send the client a text message when you're back in the car and let them know that something has changed and you need to leave immediately.
Tip #2

Share your schedule

The easiest way to stay safe is to share your location on your smartphone with someone you trust. Let this person know your client's name, the spray tan's expected duration, and the appointment address. And don't forget to send them a message when you've arrived and left the appointment.
Tip #4

Require Credit Card Booking

Most booking systems will have a function that will allow you to take credit card information for deposits. Having payment information adds a sense of security to keep a record of who books with you and where you will be traveling! This will also help keep the client accountable and minimize your last-minute cancelations. Of course, this is not necessary and maybe something beginner artists aren't comfortable with – and that's Ok!