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DIY Spray Tan Extraction Fan

When running a business, it is essential to have all the necessary tools for your operation to be successful. The typical checklist includes your machine, applicator, tent, and product, but did you know an extraction system is often the most overlooked piece of equipment?

A form of Extraction is required by the FDA when spray tanning! According to the FDA, consumers must be protected from internal exposure caused by inhaling or ingesting the product. Having a properly functioning extraction system will ensure that you and your client are protected from excess overspray and keep your service area clean from the elements.

Extraction systems can average around $100 – $1,000+, depending on the model and brand, but creating your extraction system is always a possibility!

Sjolie has created a budget-friendly and effective DIY system that can be helpful to any level of spray tan technician! The system built using a 20×20 box fan and a 20x20x1 air filter you’d typically purchase for your home. This DIY will cost you around $50, depending on the quality of the filter pack you wish to buy.

What you will need

  • 20 x 20 Box Fan – any color will do; however, Sjolie suggests black as they are more forgiving with overspray and target to clean than a white box fan.
  • 20 x 20 x1 Air filter – These air filters can at your local hardware store or online. Bulk options are available online.
  • Double Stick Mounting Squares or command strips
  • Sharpie

How to Build

  • Starting with your box fan, face the BACK side of the fan towards you, air should be flowing away from your client. This is the side we will be applying the filter to.
  • Align your air filter with the fan to the best of your ability.
  • Using a sharpie or pen, make four marks on each side of the filter. There should be at least two per side.
  • Using your adhesive mounting squares, place 1 square per mark or corner on your filter.
  • Mount filter on the BACK side of the fan and gently apply pressure to the sections with the mounting squares to secure each piece together.

Tips & Tricks

  • Always keep extra mounting squares in your tech bag – just in case one was to come loose.
  • Change your filter once every week or more, depending on volume.
  • When removing your old filter, make sure you wipe down your fan with a damp towel to remove built on double-stick solution and to ensure the next filter can securely stick to the fan.