Pro Sunless Advice

Spray Tan Solution with Bronzer

Majority of spray tanning solutions on the market today contain a cosmetic bronzer, for the benefit of the technician and the client. These bronzers are only a temporary benefit and will wash off when exposed to water. For those who do not prefer bronzers, there are sunless companies who offer CLEAR solutions, which exclude the mentioned bronzer. You can check out the Sjolie Sunless CLEAR solution on our website, under Shop Now.

Types of Bronzers

As a sunless technician you will often hear of the kinds of bronzer; violet/purples, browns, reds, greens, this refers to the cosmetic bronzer undertone. Solutions containing different undertones allow the technician to customize a solution and choose one that will best fit the client’s skin tone. The most common undertones, or “base,” are greens and violets, these colors best cancel out any orange tones and work nicely with almost all skin types.

Keep in mind; this will slightly affect the “temporary tan,” because the cosmetic bronzers have a light staining power; however, the undertones will not affect the DHA development of the solution. The depth of color the client develops will be based on the chemical reaction between the active ingredient DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and the amino acids on the client’s skin, meaning the % of DHA you choose to spray the client.

Benefits of Bronzers

  • Bronzer is a great tool to help the technician see where the solution is applied. Especially when lighting isn’t great.
  • Instant gratification! Clients love seeing the immediate color when looking into the mirror after their sunless session. Remember to inform the client, this color is not permanent and will wash off in the shower to expose the true sunless color.
  • Falling in line with instant gratification, we can’t forget about those clients who need a constant reminder of what they can and cannot do while their tan develops. We hope the immediate bronzer reminds them NO sweat and NO water for at least 8 hours after application.

Using solutions with Bronzers

Be careful of rub off! A solution with a cosmetic bronzer can best be explained as if you had makeup on the entire body! Nothing is permanent, and it does have the potential to rub off. Technicians should always recommend their client wear dark loose fitting clothing and avoid sleeping on white or light colored sheets.

PRO Tip: If a client happens to get splashed with water before their shower time, do not worry! There is a good chance this has only affected the cosmetic bronzer, which creates a water spot type mark on the skin. It is best to wait until after the client has showered, at the 8-hour mark to see if the development was affected. If it was, give them a light spray over the affected area, recommend they use an at home sunless product to help blend the area, or they can lightly exfoliate to help blend the area out to a more natural looking fade!