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Spray Tanning Tent

Take your sunless business anywhere with the Sjolie Mobile Spray Tanning Tent!  This Spray Tanning Tent is one of the biggest on the market! Measuring 8 ft tall, and 4 ft wide, clients of all shapes and sizes will be comfortable during their spray tan appointment. In just a few seconds, technicians can transform any space into a fully functioning spray tanning room.

Sjolie Spray Tanning Tent Design Features

  • Comes standard with a sleek black carrying case making traveling to and from appointments a breeze and finished with a screen printed Sjolie Logo.
  • Sjolie Mobile Tanning Tent comes in black designed to conceal over-spray
  • Velcro Extraction Fan window located at the back of the tent to allow for clean airflow
  • Waterproof base to eliminate over-spray absorption on any surface and surrounding areas
  • Breathable wall material to allow airflow and light while providing privacy to the client

Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Your Sjolie Spray Tanning Tent

  • Chose an area where water and over-spray can run freely off the tent, and preferably where the tent can have a space to dry. Your backyard, driveway, or lawn are just some examples of areas where we recommend cleaning the tent. We have even seen some technicians take their Mobile Tanning Tents to a self-serve car wash.
  • Use a hose or water source to clean the inside of the tent. Be sure to clean entirely, including the floor, sides, and back of the tent.
  • Once the over-spray has washed off, dry your tent in the sun until its completely dry.
  • Use antibacterial wipes or spray as an added step to disinfect once the tent has completely dried.

Spray Tanning Tent Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should you clean your tent?

A: We recommend cleaning your tent weekly. Higher volume technicians may need to clean more frequently.

Q: How often should I replace my portable tanning tent?

A: With average volume clientele and proper care, you can expect your Mobile Tanning Tent to last anywhere between 1-2 years.

Q: The tent fabric has tiny holes all over. Is this normal?

A: Perforated fabric walls are an intentional design for breathability to allow for proper airflow, typical with all Sjolie Mobile Tanning Tents.

Q: One of the metal rods in my tent popped out of place, how do you fix this?

A: Starting from the top of the tent, manipulate the metal rods with your hands downward from one end to the other, which will guide the metal rods back into their designed positions.