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Sunless Scents NEW!

A great way to book up your calendar for the colder months is offering a brand-new scent to your clients to enjoy! This year, we are launching not one, but TWO brand-new limited-edition scents. We promise—your clients will love these delicious scents just as much as we do!

How to use:

Simply add one full dropper to every 1 ounce of solution. For a more intense aroma, add additional droppers.

How to price:

We suggest adding $5-$7 to your spray tan service when using the seasonal blends.

Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on these limited-edition scents! Call us at 888-495-6064 or send us an email at to place your order today—while supplies lasts!

Our first limited edition scent is a fresh, calming, and healing Eucalyptus Mint. Your client will think they are spending a full day at the spa! Eucalyptus Mint will relax both you and your client during, and after the spray tan.

Our second limited edition scent is a cozy, soft, and rich Warm Vanilla. Warm Vanilla will immerse your client into their Sunday morning robe, sitting by the roaring fire with a fresh vanilla late. Warm Vanilla is a perfect balance between simple and sweet.