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How to turn a New Guest into a Repeat Guest

How to turn a New Guest into a Repeat Guest

Dust off your spray tanning supplies because busy season is fast approaching and busy season means new clients!

Here are a few helpful tips on how to keep a new client returning for more great sunless services:

Email List

Create an email list to keep in contact with your clients. This will allow you to update clients with your monthly promotions and keep their attention even when sunless tanning is not on their mind.

Share your knowledge

Inform your client on the benefits of sunless tanning. Spreading your knowledge to others will not only prove your expertise within the sunless industry, but it will also help clients realize this is a healthy alternative to sun tanning that will keep them and their skin healthy and thriving. You’re not only selling, you’re teaching!

Loyalty program

A loyalty program is a great incentive for clients to continue their services beyond their initial session. A loyalty program will make clients want to pamper themselves when they know there is a payoff at the end!  You can even print loyalty business cards to keep track of your client’s session frequency.

Pre-purchase tanning packages

Everyone loves a discount! Create a sunless package where clients can pre-purchase a handful of tans at a discounted price. This puts money in your pocket and reassures your clients will be back.


Pre-book. Pre-book. Pre-book. Scheduling a client’s next tan is an awesome customer service tool that will work in your favor and theirs. Whether the client is not sure if they want to come back or not, reserving their next spot gives you a 50/50 chance that client will return. The appointment is not permanent so they can change it as the day gets closer, but they will leave knowing they have a time reserved! Having an already scheduled appointment is also helpful to the client because it will be something on their to-do-list they don’t need to worry about scheduling.

Follow up

Following up with clients will be your work in your favor. Keep in touch with clients by providing a follow up phone call, text or email, to check in on how their sunless tan turned out. You can even provide reminder calls for appointments and provide 1 or 2 week follow up calls which you can also use to book their next appointment.