Product Knowledge

Understanding Fuji Applicators

By now, you’ve probably noticed Sjolie sunless proudly offers Fuji Tanning Systems(woohoo), but with the numerous machine options, choosing the right one for you could be a bit tricky! Fuji Tanning systems is one of the first machine manufactures to introduce non-bleed applicators to sunless technicians. So, what is a Bleed vs. Non-Bleed applicator?


Bleed style applicator:

Bleed style applicators are the most common type of applicator offered by sunless equipment manufactures, and the original style of spray tanning applicator. A bleed style applicator is a gun that has continuous air flow, even when the trigger is released.

Non-Bleed style applicator:

A non-bleed style applicator has slowly grown in popularity within the sunless industry. A non-bleed style applicator allows the technician to use just air, or air and solution. When a technician releases the trigger, solution will first stop spraying and then the air.


Which applicator is better? Applicator choice will be based purely on technician preference. Many technicians will choose a Bleed style applicator for the ease of drying as you move from each section of the body during a spray session. A non-bleed style applicator would be great for those experienced technicians who do not focus on drying throughout their spray patterns.