Product Knowledge

Why you should use prep-products

Put the pep in your client’s prep! As a technician, it is in your best interest to use these products during every single spray tan session, so you know that you are providing your clients with the best outcome for their spray tan. Sjolie pH Balancing Spray and Barrier Cream are the crucial Pre-Tan products that we believe are the key to a beautiful, even glow every single time.

Applying the pH Balancing Spray and Barrier Cream is a quick and straightforward process that will ensure lasting results throughout the entire life of the spray tan. Your client can experience any of the following outcomes when prep products are NOT applied:

  • Uneven development
  • Shorter tan longevity
  • Uneven fading
  • Blotchiness
  • Unnatural or over-developed shade

When establishing pricing for your spray tan menu, be sure to include the cost of prep products in your overall service price. You should not charge an additional fee for using Prep-Products as they are an essential part of creating your reputable brand and defining your superior spray tans. Trust us, you both will be happier when using the prep products in the long run!

pH Balancing Spray

Throughout the day, your client will likely have sweat and oil build up on the skin. The pH balancing spray will aid in removing the daily buildup, which will, in turn, improve the outcome of the spray tan. Sjolie pH Balancing Spray also acts as an astringent by bringing the pH of the skin to ideal levels for DHA absorption. With key ingredients like Witch Hazel and Arnica Extract, the pH Balancing Spray will help in soothing and healing the skin, so you know your client’s “canvas” (skin) is ready for the spray tan.

We recommend using the pH Balancing spray in every spray tan service because leftover residue can affect the development of the spray tan. The pH Balancing Spray will act as your “insurance,” so you know the client’s skin will not have any lingering from sweat, oil, or body product remaining on the skin’s surface at the time of the service.

We suggest storing the pH Balancing Spray in the refrigerator during summer months for a crisp and refreshing experience for the client. Plus, the cold temperature of the pH Balancing Spray will “shock” the pores and allow for a more even surface for use on those clients who have large or open pores and reduce any freckled-like appearance. Refrigeration of the pH Balancing Spray is not required.

This product is safe to apply on the face and body. Use the constant airflow coming from your applicator, or hose to do a quick-drying pass before applying the spray tan product to ensure the pH Balancing Spray is absorbed into the client’s skin before you start the spray tan session.

Barrier Cream

Sjolie Barrier Cream is carefully designed to reduce the absorption of DHA in dry or unwanted areas. The Sjolie Barrier Cream is unlike any unscented body lotion you may find at your local drugstore because its formula excludes select oils and transfer-prone ingredients that may compromise the spray tan’s development.

Apply Sjolie Barrier Cream to any areas where minimum color is desired, or to areas of dry skin. The hands, feet, palms, nail beds, heels, back of the knee, and elbows are the common areas where Barrier Cream is applied. Do not rub the product in all the way; leave a visible white layer to ensure you are blocking DHA absorption. Remove excess Barrier Cream with a towel after the spray tan has been applied and before the client is dressed. Be sure to monitor the client and ensure they do not touch the body in areas where tan was used, before removing the Barrier Cream with a towel.

Although these prep products can make a significant difference in your services, don’t forget, a spray tan’s outcome relies heavily on how carefully the client has followed their at-home protocol. A great way to ensure your clients are adequately prepped for their spray tan appointment is to send a reminder text or email with detailed instructions 48-hours before the appointment. Be sure to include the necessary steps to set your client up for success. These steps involve shaving 18-24 hours before the appointment, how and when to moisturize, what to wear and bring to the tanning session, what to expect after the appointment, and any last-minute tips you may have to make their tan an ultimate sunless experience.